Denon DJ MC6000MK2 Controller / Digital Mixer Overview

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Denon DJ introduce the MC6000MK2 Professional Controller & Digital Mixer (Serato DJ Intro supplied and Serato DJ optimised). This overview video features product opinion and demo from ‘Mr Switch’ (aka ‘DJ Switch’ – 3 times DMC world champion DJ) and highlights the new and exciting features in the updated Mark 2 version of Denon DJ’s flagship controller/digital mixer.

Alvaro Vela – Bad Guys (Late Night Mix)
Sanny X feat.Joanna – Aye Aye Aye Aye (Big Beach Dub)

Label: Plus Soda Music


Shandon Dyksterhouse says:

does this work with scratch live? or nah?

Andréa Farias says:


ruben illescas says:
CodiTC says:

I have the mk1 of this and although I do like this controller a lot with
it’s vast options for almost anything I need, I’m having a hard time seeing
myself upgrade when there isn’t really anything drastically changed enough
to stop me from buying say a DDJ-SX.
I could go on and on about the pros and cons, but I’ll focus on one of the
bigger cons in my opinion; the size. It’s just too small – maybe if I
needed to extremely portable this controller would be great, but it’s not
and I’d really like to have something bigger. Bonus points though, the
price makes this extremely competitive towards other mixers.

Roby Laville says:

Dal 20 DICEMBRE al 27 DICEMBRE youtube/Roby Laville ore 17:00 un contest
che regala una DENON DN MC 6000 ..come si vince??? Ci devono arrivare 1000
commenti sotto il video che pubblicheremo con scritto : VOGLIO VINCERE LA
DENON e 1000 Like al video.. il venerdì 27 dicembre ore 17:00 faremo il
conteggio dei commenti in cui ci sara’ solo scritto “VOGLIO VINCERE LA
DENON” e al numero 1000 che avra’ vinto ..sara’ contattato qui su youtube
in posta privata e spediremo l’ambita Consolle :-)

Daniel Georgeson says:

I’ve always been a fan of Denon DJ. I use a MC6000 MK1 at the moment. I
gotta say though, Denon have really missed a chance to blow away the
competition here. I have not come across anyone who uses a MK1 that thinks
“wow I need to upgrade” This really is not a MK2, more of a MK1.1 update.
Really disappointed, Pioneer were behind in the controller battle, but now
have caught up, this could have been something to keep Denon in front, but
it really has not moved things forward. I have no reason to buy a MK2,
along with a lot of other MK1 owners. To be honest I can’t see new
customers buying them either, think about it: when it arrives the MK1 will
be heavily discounted, so there will be two controllers almost identical
with a massive price difference, anyone with half a brain would check a few
reviews and see that they can probably save a lot of cash and do everything
they need with a MK1. When my MK1 does eventually die, If there is not a
real replacement for the MK1 from Denon (A MK3 I guess since there is no
way I’m getting a MK2) then I guess I will have a look at the Pioneer

Olivo Music says:

I dont know if I made a mistake and did not understand the part but I got
confused with the SERATO DJ…..and SERATO DJ INTRO……….THIS DENON
ONLY works with serato dj INTRO……..if you want the Serato DJ ….the
one we use always you HAVE TO BUY it…..$149 dollars… I think this is NO
GOOD. other controllers allowed to use the serato dj but this one NOT>.
VERY DISAPPOINTED now I m trying to get my money back.

SON PAZ says:

I think the MC6000 looks better… not digging the mk2 silver jog wheels
(should have kept jog wheel light as in mk1 too) VU meter is shorter.. (4
individual VU meters woould be awesome) also i noticed no booth HI/LO
controls..on mk2 but liking the new pitch fader locations.. FX channel
assign & FX Tap as well! I really like both, cant decide,.. would
appreciate insight or recommendations.. from anyone from Denon dj or
current mk1 or mk2 owner. I’ll be running it throught windows 8 thanks.

Daniel Martinez says:
Marcelo Neri says:

Bearded man look to the camera.

ridson guerrero says:

Hola amigos de denon soy usuario de la mc 6000 tradicional la e usado con
traktor y virtual dj es fenomenal siempre e querido usar serato mi única
queja siempre fue los pitch bend están muy ajustados veo en el vídeo esa
mejora de resto es un tanque de guerra lo máximo. mi pregunta es cual sera
el precio atractivo para yo emigrar de mi tradicional mc 6000 al mc 6000mk2
y fecha de venta. gracias por la atención. 

Leonard Smith says:

I’m a Denon Dj for mix mix mix mixer for real

angelswithanedge says:

So THAT’S why they dropped the price on the MC6000.

gerry brown says:

why not take the opportunity to really make the controller better, those
little jog wheels are not the worse in the business, but the unit really
should have been made bigger at this MK2 edition, the same ole cramped
mixer section… the unit would actually be borderline awesome bigger…

Pär Juhlin says:

Sorry, I’m a huge Denon fan but certainly not impressed… :(

Jah Holmes says:

When is the first mc 6000 going to be compatible with serato 

kyd kanji says:

where is the filter knob?

Juan Pachanga says:

I love it 

Israel Rivera Jr. says:

Great! Finally it’s compatible with serato & the new design looks good
too… I’m a traktor user, but I have friends that use serato & they have
been dying for Denon to make something like this… On top of all the great
features it can still be used with traktor, vdj, & other dj software as
well… Definitely a good move by Denon… 2 thumbs up…. “Gap-Stir”

Ashraf Elhoss says:

The biggest selling point for this mixer is the fact that mobile djs can
rack mount it and use serato dj pro without a serato USB box, too bad they
didn’t empathize that in this video, its a pain to reconnect all the wires
on my Ddjsx every event, I prefer to have everything connected in a box.

Ivan Saez says:

greetings from chile, I want to ask a question that we have the MC6000, can
occupy serato dj and since when we could download it and thank you very

Alex Walde says:

Looks great but i prefer my s3700’s :)

djBroRay says:

is it the same size as the original dont want to buy another case

Chaz from UK says:

What about the crap driver? are they better now? what about the buttons?

PureSound of Charlotte says:

Ok, so 8 min video to tell me what? Aside from a new soundcard, I can’t see
why this is a MK2. Oh wait, it now says Serato, whoopty doo. Just wait a
six months and I bet the previous 6000 will have Serato mapping and maybe
new firmware to match. Hey Denon! Let me know when you really come out with
something to replace my current 6000 and I’m there. Still works like a
champ week in and week out.

Richie Saint says:

Lame…still way behind the game….

Leonard Smith says:

mix er mix mix mixer mix dj

Leonard Smith says:

they no how dj for dennon

djsombrak4 says:


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Denon DJ MC6000MK2 Controller / Digital Mixer Overview
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Denon DJ MC6000MK2 Controller / Digital Mixer Overview

Akayan Jonssen says:


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