Denon DN-MC6000 Digital DJ Controller Review Video

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Here is the full video review of the Denon DN-MC6000 Digital DJ controller. This compact unit is made of an all-metal chassis with lots of inputs and outputs so it can also function as a stand-alone mixer. Hit our DJ Blog and youtube channel for more information and videos!


Borderlands808 says:

Is it serato friendly??

Keith Nation says:

Which would you pick between this or the terminal mix 4

Andrei AndreaS Guitchev says:

This or the S4??

Milos Arsovic says:

If you had to decide between this unit and NUmark 4trak, what would it
be??? What is the difference in sound quality??? Thanks in advance :)

Mauricio carvalho says:

Hey Kareem another great vid, if i set up two cdj on channels 2 and 4 for
example does the mixer act independent of the software like an analogue
mixer or does it remain digital ?

8thlvlMage says:

Any chance the Numark NS6 overview/review is in the works?

junglist920 says:

@RealDJblaze are you saying you need the audio 4 for theh timecode vinyl? I
am confused. I have the denon 6000, 2 tech 12’s and I use scratch pro . ( i
had the software before the controller) I do not need the audio 4 , 6 or
anything. I hook it right up to my laptop and bam it works. ( with some

CommanderHoss says:

This is a great review/tutorial of the MC6000. I’m still a beginner DJ and
this helps a lot. Thanks

Hristijan Graoroski says:

okay man..i searched on net i i found it for $400 🙂 woohoo 😀 P.S. u are
Great DJ… I hope When I will buy this I will have more live performances.
Now I am saving up.If I need any other help I will ask you! sorry 4 my bad
english. 😀

DJbooth DJ's says:

There isn’t much of a difference as this was the same choice I was
presented with when getting my controller. I went with the Vestax since I
was able to upgrade the crossfader to the same exact fader that’s found in
the Vestax PMC-05ProIV…

DJbooth DJ's says:

I like this, but the NS6 has better jog wheels and it comes with a full
featured software, so I might have to give a slight edge to NS6, but if you
want to use a different software besides Serato, then the MC6000 is the
better choice.

brigantinecastle says:

Kikoslimshady where did you find it for $400? Is it new?

Patrick Blin says:

Thank you

Treygunnz1 says:

@Treygunnz1 Cue button but it doesn’t seem to be working

Flor Baluyut says:

help i need to know how to cue the denon mc6000

DJbooth DJ's says:

It depends what software you are using. You have to set the soundcard
settings up properly in the options so that it outputs sound to the
headphones and again to the RCA plugs for you to connect speakers. This
will not work with only your computer speakers…

FrOsTyBeArKiD says:

How would you compare this to a VCI 400? I’m looking at both n don’t see
much of a difference. I’m looking mostly to be able to decently scratch and
to record mixes. I’m using Traktor.


Somebody help me,,, I AM GOING TO BUY A DENON MC 3000 Need to know if I use

Michael Cherry says:

Thanks for the prompt response. keep the videos coming. they were truly

DJ D-Rex says:

@RealDJblaze No problem…i usually watch Abstract & Steelo, but you videos
are 1000% better….keep cranking out good videos.



Michael Cherry says:

Lastly, if you had to choose between the MC6000 and the 4 Trak which would
you choose and why. I see they are pretty much the same as far as features
and price. Your professional opinion would be greatly appreciated.

dj two nice says:

do this controller works with serato itch software…?

Mike Tropixx says:

ok Thanks

Treygunnz1 says:

Hi, I’m having difficulty with the MC3000. How do you cue up a track thru
headphones without it being played thru the speakers or recorded? I know
usually you just press the

Alpha5niner says:

excellent review

DJbooth DJ's says:

Yes you can… You can hook up 2 CDJ’s to this and use it as a regular
mixer without the computer.

DJbooth DJ's says:

Nope, no mixes on any controllers… I use turntables primarily and the
VCI-400 once in a while since it has the same crossfader as my Vestax

DJ D-Rex says:

@RealDJblaze Question: Can you do a video Tractor vs Virtual Dj vs Serato ?

jun regala says:

can i connect even 1 piece of CDJ to this mc6000 to use as my back up In
case my Laptop collapse?

DjJoey Sonido Pina says:

Excellent Review. I just got my Denon DN-MC6000 Today. I will be using it
with Virtual Dj Pro I’ll make a video as soon as I can. Thanks again for
the review. I can’t wait toget mine up and running.

Carloscda40 says:

Thanks for all you help!

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