Detailed Review of Allen & Heath’s Xone 4D Mixer/Controller/Soundcard

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This is a detailed review of the Xone 4D, a nice professional audio mixer made by Allen & Heath which also incorporates a significant number of MIDI controls and an onboard 24/96 USB sound card. I think that this is a great mixer, and after watching the video, I believe that you’ll agree. There is much more to this mixer than initially meets the eye.

I have a large number of other music-related tutorial videos online, from traditional DJ’ing to computer-assisted DJ’ing, general audio production and studio engineering, and an extensive series on the use of the Ableton Live software. Bookmark the following page for an organized index of all those videos:

All of the songs that you can hear in the video are tracks that I hold the copyright to. For a free download of any of the tracks, go to SoundCloud and do a search for “global underground djbolivia”

Unfortunately, as of early 2014, YouTube annotations are not visible to mobile viewers, only to users watching on desktop browsers. I use annotations quite frequently to post clarifications and additional information during the video. For the best educational experience, you might prefer to watch this video in a desktop browser rather than on mobile, unless YouTube eventually fixes the mobile annotation deficiency.

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djbolivia says:

+peladoclaus Thank you for the support. As for the country, I’ve seen
some pretty crazy things in my travels, but I still want to visit it …

Alan Coelho Reis says:

Hi DJ Bolivia! Is possible to use step sequencer (like Maschine) in
Xone:4D? Thanks?

relate says:

No more auto-exposure on the camera my man! distracting to us with adhd,
etc. Besides that your thought process is very caring and cautious. Love

Paddy Fogarty says:

Hi djbolivia. Firstly can I just say thanks for such great videos, I’ve
been working through your series and they are incredibly informative. I
have a quick question for you re midi mapping on the zone 4d. I have just
made the purchase and am in the process of mapping the unit to my way of
working and I’m confused by the fact that the many of the midi controls
(i.e. the a-x push buttons) are sending note messages? Is there a way to
avoid/filter this? My set up inspiration for the set up came from this Minilogue:
Setup Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks! 

Observer Fx says:

hi djbolivia … can you tell me if the middle part of the mixer is
like the cue headphone buttons above the faders, can i map these buttons to
another functionality, and remap the cue buttons tto the four in lower
right corner …
also the gainbuttons need to be remapped … can this be done?
how do i edit the default mapping wich comes with the controller?

Sawyer Brooks says:

How to the jog wheels feel? Do they “click” like rotary encoders or are
they more smooth like a standard rotary pot?

John Valentino says:

great video, you really know your stuff. i just purchased a xone 4d this
has been really helpful

DJ Cheese says:

Your probably the most coherent instructor that I’ve ever seen. Big Up’s
Brotha. #WOOT
Mr DJ ChEeSe

Martin Martinez says:

Who Can Find a Goood 4 Deck Mapping For Traktor/Mac ?

Freddie Mata says:

beautiful video..i just got the xone 4d.and ive been watching this video
for the last 2 weeks…i have one question i dont get.whats the midi map
ableton for(map 1)….i dont think im asking right.but why would they put
a map section you know wen you go into ableton map(wen you push the shift)
.if you could just midi map the buttons just by going into midi map mode in
ableton and assigning the buttons,knobs ,faders.

ose1sound says:

Laurentiu I have the same problem with 4d. After visiting all forums and
beyond I still dont have solution. But I found that the official xone4d
drivers are armd with digital expired cigniture. Cus w7 64 bit see xone4d
as unknown device. Everything works but the sound keep coming like over
high pitched. Still no solution and forced to send mine xone4d back.

MasterTenSor says:

I’m using this mixer for quiet some time now, this is the first time
someone succeeded in explaining the filter/LFO part of it in a way even I
can understand 😉
Thank you very much

Danny Elliott says:

hey bud, outstanding video. But a quick question if you have a moment.
Subject is FX1 send/return.
So i have my awesome 4D and an efx-1000. Now i understand the signal flows
and such, pre and post fader etc (or so i think), but i am finding that
when i have my return 1 levels turned up it seems to overlay that signal
over the mix and seems to feedback. Now to give you an idea, I’m trying to
replicate the way, say, a DJM mixer would handle the FX thereby turning
that returned FX signal into the overall output mix signal. Its really hard
to type this issue out, when its easier for me to verbally explain. I mean
i have the settings close but i have to do a lot of fancy level juggling to
make the return signal not feedback the mix signal thereby over boosting my
output levels. you seem to have a very strong grasp of this mixer and the
djm style mixers so you might know what I’m trying to get at here. thanks
in advance for your time and knowledge.

treisute saizeci says:

If you want to change the bpm by 1 or 2, you can set the mixer to be
secondary and software to be primary and just map one of the endless rotary
knobs to adjust bpm in ableton or whatever. I don’t think you can possibly
adjust the bpm to a specific one directly into the mixer.

P.S. Thanks for this video, it really helped a lot and gave me some insight
as I want to buy one of these.

Strange Tamer says:

Damn, stop poking the state of the art mixer with the screwdriver!

djbolivia says:

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m qualified to
answer this one since I’m not thoroughly familiar with both of those units.
Can anyone else here give some feedback?

Jeffrey Van Laar says:

That’s a load of info man 😀 Thanks for sharing

djbolivia says:

I think you’ll really like this mixer.

Serge Maes says:

Great video, I’ve got a Xone 4D myself, and even though I already knew a
lot, you explained even more to me. Thanks for that!

eRGatto says:

is there any subtitles in spanish???

miendo says:

Makes sense indeed. Thanks for the explanation 🙂

djbolivia says:

I’m not sure if I understand your question. If you mean, can you map the
analog controls on the Xone 4D, then the answer is yes you can. If you mean
can the T1 be mapped the same way as the Xone 4D, then again, yes. They’re
both pretty similar in underlying capabilities even though they’re both
very different looking mixers.

Phen0mable says:

Non guy like you on you tube ever seen. Your videos are amazing. Keep it up

mrdrgonzo says:

I’m sure I will, just scratching my head on these midi modifiers though 😛

kyle johnson says:

this is one of the most informative and interesting videos i have ever
seen. subscribed

lightswitchlarry says:

I want a 4D so bad!

miendo says:

Now that’s what I call a DETAILED review 🙂 This video should definitely be
mentioned somewhere on the official A&H website. There’s one thing you
didn’t mention about the filters: just like you can select several cues at
once, you can also select several filters at once by pushing the buttons at
the same time. Try LPF + HPF for example, it gives a nice phaser-like
effect when you rotate the frequency knob in the high frequencies 🙂 Thanks
for this great video and all the others you do!

ToxicSoundRec says:

HI Bolivia Is it possible to map the analog section to use it like the
pioneer djm t1 ?

JayBenOh says:

Not a review but a tutorial. Change the title please. ^^ Nevertheless it’s
a very good video, i learned much. 😀

djbolivia says:

Great comment.

PaddehTeeeVeee says:

I came here interested in upgrading from the 3d… I now leave an expert of
audio logistics and routing perspectives.. And also aware that the 4d is
frickin awesome.. But I guess that’s a different *puts on sunglasses*….
xone of conversation. *yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

Phen0mable says:

@ 36 min about LEDs Allen v Pioneer you were wrong.

miendo says:

Another thing: the plugs on the phono inputs aren’t there just for
protecting or avoiding confusion with line inputs. They are conductive on
the inside, so they short the phono inputs. I believe it has something to
do with noise reduction when the phono preamps are not used, but I don’t
know precisely how it works. A small explanation on this would be welcome

djbolivia says:

I didn’t know that, but it makes sense when I think about it. I’ll dig into
that to find out more. It’s the same sort of idea where you should turn
down the gain on the front low-Z mike input when it’s not in use, to
minimize line noise incoming. I’ll have to dig into the electronics to be
totally sure. But after all, the phono pre-amps are probably doing about a
40 dB boost, which would pick up pretty low noise levels. I think that’s
the right amount – I’m in an airport now, working off memory.

Sylx says:

great vid, however u were wrong when you said Pioneer mixers LEDs VU are
post fader, theyre pre-fader. i have a xone 4d in perfect condition for
sale if anyones interested, 700$ + ship 🙂

djbolivia says:

I haven’t used that particular pedal before. However, the general concept
is the same on all mixers. An external pedal gets plugged into the “return”
track or “send” track plug on the back of the mixer. When you turn up the
“send” knob on whichever channel you’re playing with, it sends signal out
to that external effect and then comes back on a return. I think if you
look at my “Learning The Basics About How Audio Mixers Work” you might see
examples of this on a couple different mixers?

coproboa213 says:

You’re the best man!

PeladoClaus says:

Wow!, i think this guy is giving real sound engineering classes. People pay
good information for this information dude!!!.. although I have to say
that, if you have been to bolivia really its a place that is so dirty and
nasty that you pay people to put a pitcher of water into your toilet with a
pitcher so you dont touch anything.. just sayin’.. That being said.. hang
out in that country and you will have a good time. Awesome learning like
ive never seen before…Thank you super smart DJBOLIVE

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