DJ Ravine’s Christmas Mix 2012 on a Pioneer DDJ-SX (Electro Hardstyle Dubstep Hardcore)

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Merry Christmas! Did this mix for you guys Will it blend style! Tracklist on show more.

Mixed it on a Pioneer DDJ-SX.

1. Jingle Bell Rock
2. Armand Van Helden – You don’t know me (Dave Silcox Remix)
3. Showtek & Justin Prime – Cannonball
4. Kaskade Ft. Neon Trees – Lessons in Love (Headhunterz remix)
5. Isaac – DJ Ease My Mind
6. The Prodigy – Smack my bitch up (Noisia Remix)
7. Alex Prospect & Becci – Like it loud (Gammer & Alex Prospect remix)
8. N-Force & Darren Styles – Right by your side (Gammer remix)


Trieu Tran says:

Lol, I wonder how many Djing Turntables he has. xD. I have saw like 5
different ones Lol.

Dultra says:

Nice save @ 9:30

Scott Smith says:

an Asian Australian DJ, dont see those everyday

ToKe Dj says:


Juan Campos Lopez says:

buenisimo el video, como se llaman los temas que salen en la mescla

ptakiya says:

december 20th? I’m deaf or what

Josh Diaz says:

anyone know how to set up an s4, to echo song b out while the cross fader
is already at the song A?
I know the freeze option, but I want it to play in the new track even while
the fader is over? like he does in the beginning? 

Hanz Freegs says:

Awesome… Nice :D

Spoder Man says:

i got a dream where i was mixing using ddj sx. i didnt want to wake up XD
it seems i can only mix using this controller in my dreams and not in real
life hahahaha

Elevated805 says:

If anyone is looking to buy a DDJ-SX, I am selling mine for $800 in the
box. Private Message me and we can work something out.

Mustafa Doğan says:

Good job dude

Shape Walden says:

Homie you just killed that!!!! Am trying to shoot a dj video do you happen
to live in nyc ( paid gigg )

Marco Caliandro says:

Do a DDJ-SX review

RIcciAir says:

that beginning tho

philip roberts says:

hay i new DJ starting up in Britain have you done an british 80s music if
so can you send me a link 

Bram esendam says:

why are the buttons shaking?

DjGlosnik says:

12:18 – 12:40 best moment ever :D

JohnnyG860 says:

I just bought the DDJ SX and i was wondering what software was best on it ?

Ben Russo says:

damn just hate cut mixes!!!!!!!!!!! try to mix 2 songs without pull fader
down on the peak!!!!!! try to stay another 16 beats… noooobe.

franz bundoc says:

you’re awesome man

luke copeland says:

mixing the classics haha amazing

DJ VolVADoV: says:

=)music is my life is come on, come on .)★DJ★ ♫VolVADoV♫

TheWebDisco ♫♪♫ says:

nice mix, I produce Pioneer DDJ SX video mixes, too! 🙂
maybe you like it :)

Pepsi Lemon says:

you rock lol.

Dakoolguy111 says:

What is the first effect he used on the right deck to transition from
jingle bells to the other song? At 1:45

musticclub says:


CypherCol says:

Smack my bitch up Excelent Track :D

Nikolay Gaba says:


Sam Eb says:

Good job brother, your awesome!

สเตฟาน บ้าระห่ำ says:

3.45 Name List ?

Jon Ecks says:

awesome mix man :]

Joshua Reid says:

YOU ARE A BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Preh says:

Der quählt ja richtig das Mischpult :)

nera2758 says:

can i download this mix music file..? 

Oliwer Åkesson says:


kenny willis says:

oh snapp…

kimlerich says:


Артём Юртайкин says:

not bad

LapXGaming says:

9:20 Nice save ! :P

BMXepicNoob says:

2:35 fuck dat table >:D

DanielyajProject says:

merry Christmas DJ RAVINE !!!!! 

Julian Romano says:

Im having a problem i just got the ddjsx and i plugged it into my mac
laptop. everything works, and everything is responding it there is no audio
coming out anywhere. Everything is turned up yet no audio. I will unplug
the controller and the music will play fine from my laptop. Help????

Kenpacz Onlin says:

In, philippines where will i buy that equipmnts you’re using..

Lucas Sarudiansky says:

which version of Jingle Bell Rock is that??

Evenki says:

You’re fucking good

glenn christoff says:

Christmas Mix 2013 ?? 

MusicByAmber van den Broek says:

nice man ! im impresed !

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