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This is a full review video of the new Gemini First Mix DJ Controller with Mixvibes Software. For more information, reviews, and DJ News (updated daily) Check our Blog link above!



Where did the music play, i mean it was so loud did you connect a speaker
or it jUst came out from the Gemini controller 

Greivin Rojas says:

how do you listen to the head phones or how do you set up can you do a
video on it i have the first mix i/o and i have not found a way to cue the
songs on here i dont know how to setup 

Augusto Pinto says:

Obri Nayled

orlando perez says:

how do you turn it on? i plugged mine into my macbook pro that i bought
this year. and it won’t turn on. any help?

Siana Gearz says:

Other controllers that will fit in a laptop bag are Pioneer DDJ Wego,
Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2, and JB Systems DJ Kontrol 1 and 2, as well as
a kit of Traktor Kontrol X1+Z1. Currently chosing between them lot, it’s
difficult >.>

Any opinions or input will be appreciated!

alirio olivar says:

brother if I do not have cd only works for 10 minutes because some other

hellonpluto says:

my god that looks awful

Joshua Artavia says:

Help me with the mapping for gemini firstmix i/o Virtual Dj ?? PLEASE !!

martinicampari says:

is this compatible with OSX 10.4.11 ?

Manuel Evan Mendez says:

I want it to work with my Virtual DJ Pro Full but it’s not working. Do you
know why?

DJ Lad says:

One question I have bought it. Now the soft ware works perferctly however
the turn tables its self wont turn on I need help

Earth Devil says:

I heard that you only have to use sync button on this controller, is that
true? Please reply before i waste my money. Thanks

Cristian Carvajal says:

where can i find the cd driver?

Drew cuda says:

I have a Macbook Pro and my Gemini Firstmix is not being identified on my
laptop and not working period! Is my laptop to new for this product? Any
other things it could be?

elerson michel says:

serial the firstmix do video

Tanner Spradlin says:

what computer do you need

Marlon Arocha says:

Man does this controller has +/- pitch buttons?

ReceyMM says:

Does it work on virtual Dj software?

Raphael Barninka says:

Does it need to pay for the software? Or it comes with the Cd and you just
gotta install in your computer?

walkingturret3 says:

Whats the difference between the firstmix i/o and the firstmix pro?

MrOli118118 says:

no offence but that just looks like cheap shit like a novelty toy

Shainingusutaru says:

No headphone output? LOL useless!

marineleftbehind says:

yeah i dont think its 100% but its good to start and i was gonna split
software one to make beats just for the creativity ….any good starters i
should look at??

saviorcat025 says:

@TechnicianMad Well maybe you are right, but still buy 2 Pioneers CDJ and a
mixer is not cheap, obviously I’m not going to go with the Gemini Firstmix
a club but it’s better to hang out at home you know?

DJbooth DJ's says:

You can’t really learn to DJ properly on this because you need a separate
Cue output on a soundcard. In other words, you need to spend like $300 US
to get something that can really show you how to DJ on.

DJbooth DJ's says:

Don’t get either one if you really want to DJ…

JRAFT Productions says:

‘Work with Virtual DJ ? is The software included better than Virtual DJ ?

Jesper Pettersson says:

Can you use Windows XP with this program???

swaggakidz210 says:

umm can you hook it up to virtual dj free

Tomas Di Ilio says:

whats it good for?

TechnicianMad says:

Good luck with what? I don’t own this controller but I know it works with
pretty much any DJ software as it is a USB MIDI controller

DJbooth DJ's says:

I can’t remember, its been a while. Don’t get this as it doesn’t have a
soundcard interface to truly DJ with.

ToastedStunGrenade says:

is it compatible with Traktor 9?

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