How to Mix Dj Dubstep Traktor Pro 2 without S4 Controller Tutorial

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Video Tutorial about Native InstrumentsTraktor Pro 2 DJ Software and How to Use it Without the $800 Controller and just get the $90 software running it with just your laptop using cue marks

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Seismic Activity says:

Iv just downloaded the demo version of traktor pro but it doesn’t seem the
have the middle section?? faders etc? anyone know why? 

djmcrecordz production says:

Really good tutorial helped me out on using traktor 

Roy Serbi says:

Can you get me a download link?

prateek chadha says:

Hi man. I asked this question on numark , but dint get a proper response.
Any idea if we can route the mic through one of the mixer channels ? Mic by
default goes directly to speaker. I saw you using mic in another vid of
yours. Could you please help.

DJ Astral Blitz says:

Thank you I just drastically increased my DJ/production skills because of
this lol. 🙂

Dj Marcadelik says:

Awesome glad it helped

Dj Marcadelik says:

Your Welcome

tgmars says:

I enjoyed this, is there a chance that you could make some more tutorials
on using traktor without a controller?

יאיר לוין says:

Well, i just increased my skills. Thanks a Lot. Like + Sub.

Ilia Khelaia says:

hey Dj Marcadelik can you tell me the name of the song on the 1st deck?

¡Richi! says:

hi man 🙂

Philipp Ospishchev says:

Same XD

Machi TooN says:

Great Job with this tutorial man! can you put the links to download those
tracks? I’ll really appreciate it

Dj Marcadelik says:

Yes and thank you for watching!

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