Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 DJ Controller – Traktor Kontrol F1

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Get Your Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 DJ Controller Today at AMS! – A powerful addition to any DJ setup, the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 DJ Controller offers breakthrough control of the remix decks in Traktor with 2 GB of premium grade sound span several genres including House, Techno, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Tech House and Drum n’ Bass. Import your own samples, create and capture loops while playing live, Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 DJ Controller has stylish multi-color pads and ergonomic faders that offer intuitive music production when producing or performing. The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 DJ Controller comes complete with sounds that Check out more Details and Get your Traktor Kontrol F1 at


marco antonio villegas villegran says:


Mark Heath says:

This sucks!

ron jon bovi says:

this fucking guy.

clearwater says:

This is sick!

André Rodrigues says:

Mullet Over? Because he have mullets 😀 KKKKKK

xOZZYxable says:

what would you recommend me for a guy that just wants to make techno or
anykind of music at home only?

Pedro fariña says:

hi, vst bass guitar f1 etc come with the program or you made ​​them?

Logan says:

waiting till my birthbay. Sorry midifight pro controller, you lost the
game. Traktor won 😀

therealbigcrumb says:

i play reggae and want to be able to quick fire sound effects and jingles i
have tried this with my s2 but the sample button works like a play pause
not like a cue point for example and remix deck becomes the master with the
my songs playing at ridiculous speeds, i sold my sp404 sampler thinking my
s2 would be a one box solution to my setup. can these problems be solved
with a tweak of the settings and if so how ??? or will the f1 be the answer

billyrockful says:

what a strange room dude…

DshawnBeatz says:

His name is moldover!!!

alecman95 says:

lol never saw it before xD

Were2Epic says:

can you make drum loops on this?

BotaiKantoku says:

Dear AmericanMusical! Can You Help me. Cause i want to know if the middle
instrument is a TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 or is anothe Instrument! Thanks!

fraggle26 says:

traktor really is the best it helped so much to support the artist.
especially the labels benefit so much because of it. its so simple too,
play&stop, only real artists use it…..

Benjamin Rogan says:

I hate your face….

GermanTechnoBoy says:

Gosh… two button suit.. open the lower button!

American Musical Supply says:

Sure. Yes, that is the S4 in the center of his setup.

Goh Away says:

His name is Mulled Over?

spinmonkey says:

Please tell me ,t

alecman95 says:

I love metal but not played on a dj controller -.-

Chase Stewart says:

the guys hair is sooo ANNOYING!

KarpdiumOfficial says:

Well i know what i am buying now

DJPrento says:


Sebastian Sepulveda says:

pretty sure it has midi support, so it will work along with any software 🙂

CallOfKingGameplay says:

is the 3d screen’s with it?

BotaiKantoku says:

Thanks! So The Desk have 2 F1 Kontrol and 1 S4, Right? Am Really Interested
in Those Product. Did you Guys Ship to Puerto Rico??

Mike Roger says:

did you know where can i find sample for the traktor kontrol f1

Oliver Lees says:


wayne D-flex says:

must cost a bit

DBejalane says:

yes, and his hair too!

Vectorixx says:


Adrian Gliese - DASADI says:

Does no one notice Mulldover’s bad ass chain???

grahamhg says:

this is all well and good, but people only want rhianna.

TheApplePieGuy says:

Are you that much of a fucking retard? you know what I’m not even going to
go there.

dubstepN2death says:

This dude looks like a toothbrush

MrDJMelodii says:

Does the traktor F1 work with the numark 4trak

Irresistible Records says:

Aprende Con Nosotros el Kontrol F1 de Traktor!

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