Numark Mixtrack Quad 4-Channel USB MIDI Digital DJ Controller Review Video

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The Numark Mixtrack Quad is the 4-deck version of the newly released (and reviewed) Mixtrack Pro II Digital DJ controller. The Mixtrack Quad comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE and the user gets two additional decks/channels to mix with, multi-colored LED’s on the performance pads/jog wheels, and even better construction for added durability. Check out the full review written review at the link in the top of this description to see just how the Mixtrack Quad stacks up.


Kareem Julien says:

Can I connect it with an iPad if yes what cable I need ?

Dj Richie says:

the thing i want to know is the sound quality of this controller low just
the the other numark mixtrack versions

kiyoshi parra says:

I like the product. But if you want to do official reviews I suggest you
practice your live mixing. 

Codacaino says:

I appreciate this video “fam” I’m thinking about purchasing one to add to
my Studio Eq. Q? does it has audio outputs or just usb audio. 

Miguel Pereira says:

it work with virtual dj 8?

yes0genesis says:

What would you recommend to someone who is undecided between the Mixtrack
Quad and the Denon MC3000?

Qball6270 says:

Could you hook this to a dell tablet that has windows 8 and acts like a
real computer but is a tablet

xaris petrakis says:

the program for the quad 

Ryan Morris says:

can i download the software? as macbook doesn’t have a disk drive?

xaris petrakis says:

where can i get the program to download it?

Zharie Grae Aguirre says:

Whats better? Mixtrack pro 2 or mixtrack quad? Thanks! :)))

A. Attye says:

Thanks for the vid’

Valentin Bauer says:

Please do a review on the Reloop Beatmix 4 and the Gemini Slate 4! Thank

Hamza Kenawy says:

Dude I have to buy whether this one or the MP2
I know you’ve already answered the question but all I wanna know is besides
the 4 decks in the Quad is there any other differences; which one is
better/you prefer? 

Pedro Arteaga says:

Help me bro which its better ddj sb pioneer or numark mixtrack quad and
which its more durable or better materials

William White says:

can you record your mixes in the software??

Codacaino says:

Aww ok I didn’t even notice that until you replied back lol Thanks! 

xaris petrakis says:


maurix dj says:

I have mixtrack quad!!!

Valentin Bauer says:

Please do a review on the Reloop Beatmix 4 and the Gemini Slate 4! Thank

fancypants says:

very helpful review, good job.

ArackShack says:

anyone find the song?

Philip Jackson says:

What is the song?

Angelica Flores says:

Can I connect it with an iPad if yes what cable I need ?

David Magana says:

Id like to thank you for your help with my ouad. I’m not a scratcher but
this was a good Demo.very clear explainnation. the only think I don’t know
how to do is play my iTunes when I don’t want to use the vitral dj sound
doesn’t came out of my speckers. when I want to use it thur the quad. 

William White says:

i dont hear my headphone on the mixtrack quad do you know how its works?

Bettinho Cunha says:

ele roda serato? ou só virtual dj ?

alejandro rangel says:

thank you 🙁 

KeeZZa & Mill3r says:

Hey do I need output cables to use these decks reply ASAP please 

scratchboi says:

Hey, i’ve been using the vestax typhoon for small parties & i want to
upgrade to something that will also let me practice scratching. I was
debating on getting this one but i’m not sure if i should get this one or
try to find the vci-300 mkII. Which one should I go for?

alejandro rangel says:

so i found on thr numark page the mappings for this mixtrqck quad so o
canuse it with vd pro…. is there a way that u can help me with that cuaz
i do not know hot to doit thank you very much

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