NUMARK NS6 4-Channel Digital DJ Controller and Mixer Review

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NUMARK NS6 4-Channel Digital DJ Controller and Mixer Review

NS6 is a four-channel digital DJ controller with complete built-in mixer and four decks of software control. When it comes to four-deck DJ controllers, NS6 is the only serious choice. Simply put, there has never been this much versatility and control available. NS6 builds upon the critically acclaimed breakthroughs of NS7, NS7FX and V7 by adding four-deck capability and a full-blown four-channel mixer in a compact, portable, all-metal housing that is built to perform. Designed in collaboration with Serato to deliver powerful breakthrough performance to DJs of all kinds, NS6 is ready to go wherever you want to take it — both physically and musically.

NS6 borrows from the popular designs of Numark’s award-winning NS7FX and V7 controllers and delivers substantial new features including the most responsive, high-resolution touch-activated platters ever produced in a DJ product. The wheels on NS6 deliver 3600 ticks of resolution per rotation; when combined with NS6’s automatically adjusted platter sensitivity the result is ultra-precise, high definition turntable control. Beyond the platters, NS6 keeps your mix super tight with high-resolution 14-bit MIDI control throughout. Designed to work flawlessly with an all-new four-deck version of Serato ITCH, NS6 erases the line between hardware and software. Bi-color LEDs also surround each platter, providing both an indication of the Deck in control and also a Deck’s playback status. Effects can be instantly accessed by channel.

At the heart of NS6 is a premium-quality fully independent four-channel mixer that can be used with or without a computer, making NS6 perhaps the most versatile DJ controller and mixer combination in the world. NS6 has a full range of input and outputs for connecting virtually any device: RCAinputs on each channel and four line-level inputs with two switchable to phono and two switchable to mic.

Each of NS6’s four channels has an input selector so you can easily transition between controlling ITCH’s four decks and your external sources.Control ITCH one moment; mix in your turntable, iPod, or a mic the next. NS6 makes it possible to grab musicfrom virtually any source and bring it into your mix. Connect two CD players, two turntables, two mics — the combinations are endless and completely up to you. NS6 is a software controller, but it’s equally ready to handle everything else you’ve got.

Numark introduced Strip Search virtual needle drop technology to the DJ world with NS7. NS6 takes this one step further by adding position indicators that allow you to always know track position; this gives you one less reason to focus on your computer screen and lets you focus on your performance.

The simple and intuitive design of NS6 includes favorites like mouseless Serato library navigation, Master Tempo, complete Pitch Control, manual and instant Looping and Hot Cues. New features have been added including direct access to beat grid controls and beat skip, which allows you to juggle the track inline with the beat so that it never loses sync. NS6 includes a professional 24-bit audio interface to guarantee pristine audio quality from the computer.

NS6 employs the proven, cutting-edge control technology invented by Numark in NS7, in which turntable and control information are communicated between the hardware and software at more than ten times standard MIDI resolution. This massive data stream creates the rock-solid, latency-free control for which DJs worldwide have hailed NS7. Because NS6’s communication is based upon MIDI, you can use it with a variety of MIDI software.

Sam Gribben, General Manager at Serato says, “The Serato and Numark partnership has already produced the very successful NS7, NSFX and V7. We’re proud to be releasing the NS6, a controller that provides a DJing experience unlike any other. Four decks, FX and amazing sound — it’s going to be massive”. We couldn’t agree more.


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would this b good for a begginer dj?

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u say that serato isnt better than traktor O.o traktor =sync wait switch

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S4 looks like a toy though, and i don’t like the look of traktor as it
doesn’t have any jogs on there man..

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you can mix live on paltalk in the music rooms its free to

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