Pioneer DDJ-SX Serato DJ Controller Review

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Pioneer’s new DDJ-SX controller for Serato DJ is probably the most “complete” DJ controller yet. The first ever Serato DJ controller, it is packed with features. In this DDJ-SX review, we look at the hardware and software. Full review:


Digital DJ Tips says:

+KelleyBates This article will help you:

Jose Majano says:

how can you hear the music through the macbook pro speakers?

Educasian says:

For those asking about Traktor, there is now an official Traktor mapping
realeased by Pioneer. If you search you can find a tutorial on youtube from
Pioneer’s official channel. It would be interesting to see if anyone can
make a video of how well it performs. 

DeeDee Jai says:

can you use the mixer controls without computer, like eq etc?

Kenny Hun says:

Just curious,im new to djing. Isit better to start off playing with CDJ’s
or DDJ’s? Also, i’m looking at Denon MC2000, review said it was cheap yet
good and easy, and beginner friendly. But it’s hard to get it over here,
Malaysia. So i took another option, the Pioneer DDI-SB. Could someone read
my comment and recommend me which controller should i get? Thanks!

Mert Ülker says:

Can ı dubstep dj use it too?
Please answer

Brent Beshara says:

Thank you Phil for your great review, it’s so very appreciated!

ZenithDivided says:

are you guys gonna do a review for the ddj-sb? thanks!

KelleyBates says:

I just have a question, which you may have answered perviously, so please
point me in the right direction if you have.

How difficult is it to play on CDJs after learning on a controller? I’d
like to get a controller for home use due to cost and space, but I’d also
like to be able to play on CDJs because most clubs are already equipped
with them. I’m looking into the S2 or WEGO, but I thought I’d leave my
comment here just because this is the controller that most similarly
represents CDJs in my opinion. 

BarryHutchison0308 says:

It works with Traktor 2.6 man, I have a video on my channel using traktor
2.6. I hate serato so..

Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s completely possible, I would be surprised if anyone gets to jogs to
behave as well in Traktor as they do with Serato though.

Digital DJ Tips says:

No word of that.

bluex217 says:

Hey friend, I did some research to educate myself. I see now that that
audible 20khz range is the maximum amount accessible by the human ear
anyway, but I just still wonder what the difference is between audible and
sample and why some devices have only audible or only sample ratings in
their spec lists. Thanks a lot

Zoe West says:

I currently have the american audio vms2. Thinking of upgrading to this or
the kontrol s4. Traktor or serato? Decisions…

traktorpro10 says:

Hi Phil, any chance of a Traktor version being released any time soon,
currently looking at the VCI-400 or this as an upgrade to my S2.

kilersz123 says:

I know and understand that and ive been DJing at home on nothing but a
laptop and virtualDJ free and i have made some mixes and so far people seem
to like them. I’m just looking to take my DJing to the next step thats all

Digital DJ Tips says:


Digital DJ Tips says:

I’ve replied to your similar post over on the main website.

FunnyAlejandro says:

Ok thanks but i am kinda lost now. What does this Controllerr have/have
not, that a CDJ 2000 and a DJM 2000 does not/do?

djmarcos702 says:


Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s the classic issue with non-Traktor controllers using Traktor – bad
jugwheel mapping.

Digital DJ Tips says:

You can map it to other software, yes.

djchamath says:

im just getting the feeling that Next upgrade of Traktor S4 is going to be

BitchNo says:

Thanks mate!

Sergio Enriquez says:

I’m thinking of getting one of these just for home practice before I start
performing live, but I saw the Gemini cdmp7000, for just practice, which is
better? the clubs usually have the cdj 2000 so …

brunolerer says:

Phil, Currently i own two Numark NDX 400 And a M4 mixer do you think that
is a good change ? from the numarks to the pioneer ddj sx or is better the
ddj t1.

SillySwinging says:

Ok but has the SX a customizable mapping like the VCI 400 has (which can be
used with Serato if desired) or it’s only limited to Serato?

Digital DJ Tips says:

On it!

Digital DJ Tips says:

We are yet to review it, but it’s coming soon…

Digital DJ Tips says:

There is no official Traktor mapping, I will guess the jogwheels will never
be mapped as tightly to Traktor as they are to Serato though.

LULO MIX says:


djchris40 says:

What do you think about the Pioneer wireless xdj Aero? I really trust your
reviews. Thanks

J DaBoii says:

Thank you

Mike Diligent says:

My advice would be buy a cheap dj controller to start on practice for a few
years then upgrade because really when you have good DJ Gear and use them
to practice on its a waste of money really best to go cheap learn the
basics then when you are happy you can get upgrade and actually do live
events with a brand new clean fresh setup.

kilersz123 says:

i mean for me the motorized platters are a plus but their is also the NS7 2
thats coming out and I’m just not sure which one i would get because this
is a lot of money for me to put into this and I really wanna make sure that
i make the right decision

Digital DJ Tips says:

It’s made for Serato, but you can map it to other DJ software.

Tony Youll says:

I want it in white… That is all

pcplsdxtc says:

what about Traktor?? Does it come with any mapping or you have to do that
on your own??

Lowaza says:

Does the controller run smoothly on a PC? (e.g. no latency, lag, smooth
performance etc.). Some controllers, such as the Hercules RMX had a huge
latency issue on a PC, so I was wondering if this had any these problems?

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