Pioneer DDJ SZ Serato DJ Controller – Tutorial Evening with Rob Anderson at Get in the Mix

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Pioneer DDJ-SZ is the ultimate professional Serato controller. The bigger, brighter DDJ-SZ is the first Pioneer controller to closely match the CDJ-2000NXS set-up for the most intuitive, physical scratch performances yet.

The features of the Pioneer DDJ SZ include full-sized jog wheels inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS, illuminated cue point markers, large Performance Pads with customisable multi-coloured Hot Cue LEDs, and two USB sound cards for ultra-smooth DJ handovers.

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aaron dulai says:

Can you set the jog feed or whatever it is called on the sx? 

Heavie Walker says:

I Just got SZ last week and I like to say personally it’s not the best
controller on the market. No post faders for effects on the software and
the controller using the crossfader unless you assign it to master. You
pull the fader and everything stop. Jog wheel has slight lag and a slight
drift. Looks professional, but feel like a toy. Pads feel better than my
ns7ii, but that’s it.

Store I got it from has a 20% restocking fee, so I come out better selling
it on ebay. Selling it for $1750. If you interested keep a eye on ebay. 

Arielle West says:

I just sold my Kontrol S4 for reasons which you described. I was thinking
about buying a CDJ and DJM setup, but the price was a little much for me.
This looks very nice and almost the same. 

Stephen Lozada says:

What poor filming for such a nice event

Frail Mayer says:

so can i buy this unit through your store on a payment plan? and what are
the payments like if i can do that?

Neil Connolly says:

My touch search bar doesn’t lock?

Mac Joseph says:

The Traktor F1 will smash this. Live sampling and capturing! NI IS WOOPIN

EEZAL says:

Yep the needle strip has effed me a few times

TheSetsZone says:

I think that was a bit of a faux pas at the end saying it is a piece of kit
to use at home. With DJ’s like Porter Robinson, Felix Da Housecat and Ean
Golden gigging in clubs with the S4 and VCI400 and X1, downselling this as
a piece of bedroom kit when it’s 3 times the price of the other kit is a
real surprise.

janschutz174 says:

Excellent job mate!

jonnyp188 says:

wow why am I so surprised??? Pioneer releasing yet another product that
doesn’t work properly !!!!! sticking with my sx for at least another 12

getinthemixonline says:
Kendell Patrick says:
shay palti says:

I’m excited about this unit, it’s usefull to connect all my eq as my
just plug and play – all in one ready to go.
two sound cards with ( A-B user) back to bace djs like in the old times:)
plus Serato dj software included and it works with Tractor software
(mapping file!)
hot cues loops snapped to the beat + hot cues colors.
Mixer DJM 9000 platform quality.
2 mice inputs. 4 aux out 2 master outputs and boot.
6 midi fx by software,8 fx billed inside.
sampler. slicer. slip mode.
big jog ( plate) and big space for dj art work.

Think about how you can improve your skills
OMG this is MAD !

Kari Hokkanen says:

I got mine just awesome

1CBRDUDE says:

Are you having problems with the jog wheels not responding

Arthur Nava says:

I’d like to see those oscillator effects be user programable. I have no use
for that nasty horn sound, total waste of space. Other than that, my SZ is
already on preorder. Hopefully I’ll get it first week of March. Cheers.

Saint Simon says:

Now that I see the SZ in action, a few things that suck about the jog
wheels 1) the illumination on the jog wheel doesn’t look as bright as the
CDJ2000NXS – infact the entire unit looks a bit dim – is it an adjustable
setting? 2) might be a rare issue but – capacitive touch (like the SX) –
people have had issues with playing the SX on certain types of
carpet/flooring or using cheaper power supply cords. 3) i wish the jog
wheels design followed the CDJ/NXS line, not the DDJ line but oh
well…minor design gripe I guess.

djn82k says:

why wouldn’t they put a send and return on it? such a shame!!

Saint Simon says:

thanks for sharing this demo of the sz!

Kari Hokkanen says:

I do the first pre-order in Finland….and that Rmx 500 i have allready.
My packet to be Pioneer DDJ-SZ..Rmx 1000 and Rmx 500 and 2 x Technics 1200

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