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This is the official in-depth HD-Video review of the Reloop Terminal Mix 4 Digital DJ Controller with MIDI mappable controls. This all-metal, heavy-duty controller comes bundled with Serato DJ Intro and Virtual DJ LE and is packed with features for every style. For more information, check out the full written review in the link at the top of this description.


Lachlan Smith says:

can you please do an unboxing and a review on the gemini g4v 4 channel midi

MiCHi HuBeR says:

why does your “tap” button gives siganals and my not?

Sergio Girotti says:


Raphael Chambo says:

Pioneer DJ FAX is great. I real like it. Easy to use and application of
effects are easy too

Raphael Chambo says:

I enjoyed a lot seeing some clips of mixation fro a DJ Angelo’s . Am also a
DJ therefore seeing this exorbitant cuts and loops it gives me a kind of
skills and confidence as we learn and still learning as day passes, thank

Jeanette Hinojosa says:

I’ve looked everywhere! Even on the reloop website and nothing
concrete..step by step, how do you load a new sample on virtual dj le? It
is an audio sample I recorded but it won’t let me drag on there and there
is no option to load anything either..Thank you for your time:)

TNTLoverNL says:

4k? you crazy!

Djzfire shawne says:

hi kareem what actually is the cause why the music sometimes goes fast
while playing?

Robba079 says:

love the review good job

KCL1013 says:

I already have VDJ pro 7. Will the terminal mix 4 be ready to plug and play
out of the box or is it only mapped to VDJ LE that is included?

Jay B says:

wassup bro….seems like my left platter on my terminal mix 4 platter is a
little tighter…(not as loose) as the right side…is there anyway i could
open this thing and adjust it..raise it up or something?

DJbooth DJ's says:

The DDJ-T1 is the worst of the three and it is now discontinued. The 4TRAK
has the BEST build quality, most inputs/outputs and the BEST overall feel
of the three. The S4 has the best Traktor integration and a built in
Traktor Audio 6 soundcard so you can plug in external decks with timecode
CD or Vinyl and work DVS right out of the box. You need an additional
soundcard to do it on the others.

Justin Asuao says:

i have this now but tryng to learn how to mix using this (virtual dj pro
need help 🙁

FullofUtubeGeeks says:

If you want to cut/scratch save up for techs. This thing dont cut it. And
dont believe the dubbed audio from dj angelo vids. It does NOT cut that good

VJ Prasan says:

Thanks a million for the review. Small concern about scratching on VDJ. Is
this a VDJ issue or an issue with the controller. What I mean is will the
scratching on VDJ be worse on this controller than with other touch
sensitive controllers using VDJ? I have a Hercules 4-MX which with VDJ and
the scratching is not bad, but not great. If the quality is the same I can
live with it, but if it is going to be worse than what I already have then
that’s a big issue.Appreciate your views if you have time.

Theo Paraskevas says:

great video! I have been using a vestax vci300mk2 and am looking to

Michael Davis says:

Hey DJ Blaze, Crucial question. As a professional DJ, which controller
would you recommend. Vestax VCI-300 MKii or Reloop Terminal Mix 4? =)

scarl8kate says:

which one is better for this controller? serato pro or le pro? thanks

DJbooth DJ's says:

Reloop Website.

Miesah says:

solid review for one rearching for a controler!! thnxz.

DJbooth DJ's says:

Check out some generic tutorial videos on youtube or the Reloop Terminal
Mix 4 Lesson series by DJ Angelo from the UK. Those are on youtube too. It
takes lots of practice. Good luck.

Edward White says:

Dam thats what would have sold it for me what other products do you
recommend with the 4 channels?

jannoP123 says:

hi i just brought reloop terminal mix 4. i wanna ask you that is it able to
external effector like rmx 1000 or any way to get an effect like
noise,space on an pioneer djm. i see in serato there is no kind of this
effect so i need your help.

Kareem Julien says:


Emma Armstrong says:

brilliant review, this is definately perfect for me ill be getting it 🙂

DJbooth DJ's says:

I’m not going to review it with Serato DJ, but it is great with it. If you
have any particular questions of the use of this with Serato DJ, let me
know and I can answer them.

Michael Davis says:

1x Pro Longlife crossfader is selling me right now. Is the fader like the
innofader or maybe the Rane 57?

VonDean87 says:

can you use this controller with Serato Itch?

DJPhattEric says:

DDJ SX or Reloop Terminal Mix 4? The reason I ask is I have two decks (or
two decks + another mixer) which I will be looking to plug in as well.

DJbooth DJ's says:

You can upgrade to Serato DJ full software with more effects…

TheJamMasterQ says:

hey Blaze you wont’ believe this but I’ve managed to find an awesome deal
on the Denon MC6000 which I can afford! I am not very familiar with it
though. Can you think is there any parts to it that would be lacking to
Traktor compared to the Reloop? I know all the connections on the Denon as
a stand aloe kick ass compared to the Reloop but is there anything that is
actually missing on the hardware controls? Hope this makes sense!

Qwerty Charlie says:

isn’t that a narrow minded view?

george cuevas says:

whats the name of the song u used?????

darren stewart says:

£79 UK Sterling

Richard Agadjanian says:

Does this one have the slip feature?

DJbooth DJ's says:

Yeah, you have to set the controller to the soundcard in the VDJ Pro 7
software and you’re all set.

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