Reloop Terminal Mix 8 Serato DJ Controller Unboxing & First Impressions Video

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The new Reloop Terminal Mix 8 Flagship Serato DJ controller was just announced two days ago at the NAMM show in California and we’ve already acquired one for a review in the Lab. The Terminal Mix 8 The Terminal Mix 8 has much of the same DNA as the successful Terminal Mix 4 we reviewed last year, while adding 16 Multi-color back-lit Velocity Sensitive Performance Pads for functions within the Full Serato DJ software such as hot cues, loops, samples, and slicer. The Terminal Mix 8 comes bundled with the full version of Serato DJ so users can really take advantage of all the machine has to offer. Check out our unboxing & first impressions video and stay tuned for the full written and video reviews coming soon.


Kareem Julien says:

or can you make a video for serato for Dummies lol

Isaiah Furrow says:

My Terminal Mix 8 arrived a week ago, well worth the wait! Thanks again
for your videos! Peace…

ssuperfly says:

Looking forward to the review!
Looks like a great piece of kit.

Kareem Julien says:
VJ says:

what is the cost in US dollars? Who sells them?

nathan mcauley says:

“and im going to shout the whole way through this unboxing”

Dj Redi Mix says:

Hey Kareem, I just got my first DDJ SX I’m new to the system and serato..
how do I set up serato so I can use the controller ? 

M.N Wilkinson says:

Mr Blaze, first off, I enjoy your mixes especially the December mix. What
you think of the new Behringer CMD 4A? I enjoy Behringer products, but
hardly anyone talks about it. 

NUPE1949 says:

Man so many companies are on their Serato tip. Traktor isn’t getting any
love man. There are far more decent and fully featured serato controllers
than traktor controllers. I wonder why that is. Kareem you should do a list
of your top Serato controllers and Traktor controllers. 

Tayshawn Price says:

Its crazy how fast you get these controllers. i am thinking about making
the jump from traktor to serato. I have never used serato but i am not
very happy with what is going on with traktor right now. I know serato 1.6
should be coming soon too. Want to see how you feel about the performance
of this. Great videos bro keep it up!!

dj ill-nino says:

Simple question. Is the TM8 bus powered like the TM4/2 or do you have to
use the power supply? Very important to me. Thanks.

Will Garcia says:

Are they planning a 2 channel version? I never had use for anything with 4
channels. I assume so because they’re calling it the 8 which prob means the
2 channel will be the 6.

A Person. says:

Hey Kareem! Love the videos, keep it up.

Do you know if you’re going to get a Pioneer DDJ-SZ to test out? I’d love
to see you do a video on that. Thanks!

Dhananjay Thakkar says:

What is the price of this controller??

2StepPerformance says:

When is this controller going to be officially released & what’s the price
tag on this controller ?

Dj Redi Mix says:

or can you make a video for serato for Dummies lol

Isaiah Furrow says:

Kareem… All is good 🙂
I am stoked, things are falling into place nicely. I am working on a
package deal with 2 different vendors, and they are battling it out nicely,
to my benefit. Man there is some markup to work with on this stuff,
that’s for sure. Hope to eliminate as much of that as I can…LOL I am
ordering PA, Lighting, cabling, stands, etc. Also I will be ordering an
uprade to my Mixtrack Pro 2. I am considering the Pioneer DDJ-SR, but I
think what I want to do is Pre-Order this Reloop TM8 instead. I like the
long pitch faders, large jogs, similar layout to MTP2, RGB pads, 4ch mixer
section, sufficient inputs and outputs, and the fact that it is powered
and not USB powered. Please let me know if I’d be doing myself a solid by
waiting for the Terminal Mix. I can make do with the current gear for now
and will have an EV PA system and lighting to get familiar with in the
meantime as well. Let me know when your full review will be up, and also
just a quick bit of what you think about it. I have my business acct. all
set up and ready, with funds in place. Hope to get it all ordered Monday.
Keep shining my friend, hope to hear back from you soon.


Will Garcia says:

What”s the release date bruh?

Gio Di Lusa says:

Love it! Awesome! 

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