Reloop Terminal Mix: Live Mix Demo performed by DJ Angelo

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Reloop Terminal Mix: Live Mix Demo performed by DJ Angelo

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Zack Corley says:

No one can say you can’t scratch with a controller. Those jog wheels tho…
people digital dig, why not digital scratch?

Chris Ezy says:


vladimirpaulo francisco says:
dj angelo

Honza Zeman says:

name of the first song ? fucking awesome btw 

DJ BIS says:

Fuggin guy blew up at the end. That’s how stoked he was. lol

sk9steph says:

DJ angelo got the ravine style XD

DJPhattEric says:

I know the TM4 is a few years old, but it is so versatile, I don’t use the
sync as don’t get to hear for the pitch etc and you lose the human aspect
of the sound.
I freakin love this unit, recently lost my hard-drive with £4-500 worth of
bought tunage. Can’t wait to get it all back and mix again.
The only disappointment was that it only came with Serato DJ intro, deffo
worth the upgrade to the full software though.

hector hernandez says:
D sprez says:

hello, first of all my compliments for this djset! bigup for djangelo!!!
I bought this controller after I saw your video, and also to djflip, so I’m
convinced in the ‘buy it.
I now also own this controller, but there is something that does not
convince me in full for the scratch so I wanted to ask you what settings
you used to make these scratches in this djset video? I’m interested
especially for scratching as seriously as you do because I come from the
school of the turntable …you know ..
I also use mac .. I wanted to know what settings you used to Serato (usb
buffer size latency) and also for “reloop asio setting buffer length”? what
settings do you recommend to get as much as possible a likeness as the
thank you very much for your support!

DJ Bruninho Mix Araujo says:
tian jiang says:

this guy is a fucking god…

Jan Prodan says:


Camilo Ortega says:

the name of the last song? thanks

Benjamin Harpun says:

I am goin to buy Reloop terminal mix 4

Neno Tesanovic says:

Very nice

Leona Ragil says:

I love the way he mixes! Dope and fresh.

winsten gazztheruzz says:

dunno what to say this is epic

spongestar squidpants says:

@Edwin Montes well…if u insist;) watch dj angelo-funky turntablism

prestigebliss says:

You are the man! On a reloop controller. That controller was preaching!!!

Thibault W'z says:

Ca c’est un dj !

Studentsss says:

Easy ! 

Strange Tamer says:

…and Disappear! In a puff of Meth-Amphetamine ICE. Does even need to make

Mina William says:

This is sick

David Dubois says:

AIE AIE AIE !!!!!!
QUEL TALENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot wait to get my turntable!

ozzi367 says:

Im gonna to buy the Dj pult 😉 

MultiMathieu1998 says:


Michael Zuma says:

What mix of Praise You is that?

TheMagon23 says:

is not the mixer… is the dj…. he can do the same mix whith another
mixer…. all mixer are similar in the basic tools

Daryl Kaira says:

does it take long to learn this shit??? i wanna get one and messar ound
with it

BBBDubb says:

I’m an intermediate DJ. I have been using the Mixtrack Pro II and
practically mastered it. I want larger platters to make scratching easier.
I am stuck between this device and the NS6…

TheJuanaguirre00 says:

wow what a great video


dj angelo respect fam! Love your style and creativity.

DjSibbi says:

incredible *-*

Robert king says:

check it on /nu ook op

Kenny Hectyc says:

Serato Dj intro

coole413 says:

Dieses Video ist schau geil! Einfach abgefahren!

Marzyciel PL says:


DjTeamSachsen says:

how do you do the voices as the DJ Angelo

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