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Stanton SCS.4DJ Digital DJ Mix Station & Controller demo and overview with Stanton Product Trainer Carlito “Sway” Cobos at Full Compass.

The Stanton SCS.4DJ is the first truly integrated DJ system offering advanced one-button automatic synchronization. The embedded computer system assists your mixing by automatically synchronizing the tracks at the push of a button. This advanced digital mix engine also allows the SCS.4DJ to be placed into “Auto-DJ” mode, where the unit will automatically mix the music in your playlist based on your chosen style of mixing.

DJ directly from your digital media library located on your USB memory stick, hard drive or smart phone. SCS.4DJ supports most unprotected file formats including WAV, MP3 and AAC files. The layout is instantly familiar to the experienced DJ, and logical enough for any novice to grasp. As a mobile DJ, SCS.4DJ gives you the durability and flexibility you need to perform night after night, with an intuitive yet simple surface, easy access USB ports, and a rugged chassis.


Born2WinBIg77 . says:

Thank you so much for your Help, your Advice and your Speedy reply. Youve
helped me finalize my purchase decision. I really appreciate it. You have
my gratitude.

Zhorell Ski says:

4-5 hrs for 7gb!? that’s not good.. Could you browse the mp3 on the usb
drive without having to upload the whole usb and just upload whichever song
you want to play next?

djlucknuts says:

yes you can turn off the function that syncs the tracks or you can play
while its syncing but i wouldn’t suggest doing that lol. Yeah as we talk
right now im uploading 7 gb coincidentally

Full Compass says:

It would depend where you want the audio to come from. The Vestax VCI-380
will allow mixing of external audio sources through CA inputs, so you could
use it with turntables or CD decks instead of a computer. The Numark
Mixdeck series can use Flash Drives, iPods or external sources. The Pioneer
XDJ-AERO will use audio from wifi devices like a smartphone or tablet.

bas van basten says:

i think this machine is a good option for me, are there any other stand
alone cotrollers i have to look at? its great to dont even have to use a
laptop. ive only seen the pioneer aero, with is probally better but cost
twice more

colin rutten says:

Do you need a sound card between This stanton and krk rokit 5 ????

dubekoms2020 says:

this video had awesome editing

Zhorell Ski says:

How long does it take to upload a 16 gig usb thumb of mp3?

Born2WinBIg77 . says:

GREAT VIDEO!! im considering getting this Piece of Gear but I have
Questions: Has the SCS ever Froze on you during a live performance? Have
you used it live doing a Real Party? When you switch between songs is the
Software in this unit slow? Does it Take a longer time searching for
tracks? And finally: Since Im a Scratch Dj, How great are the platters for
scratching? I heard the SCS has a Tempo drift when you scratch that knocks
the BPM off. Is that true? Any Advice is appreciated

Full Compass says:

Nope, it works as a stand alone device. Just plug the KRKs right into the
1/4″ TRS Main outputs of the SCS.4DJ and you’re good to go.

bas van basten says:

thanks for ur reaction, im now using 2x vestax pdx turntables-rodec
scratchbox battlemixer-traktor x1 with traktor duo but had to but all away
because the space it all takes at home, im now going for a controller, but
witch one? and can i stil keep the x1 or the mixer in use or go for a full
deck like this or another like denon mc3000 or numark mixtrack pro 2, to be
fair my local store would not sell this stanton to me because it came back
to many times

Albert Mayam says:

and how does it cost

Full Compass says:

Thanks for the positive vibes! The SCS.4DJ was made to never freeze and if
you look at the Stanton forums it’s never an issue. Many DJs I have spoken
to use it daily at their gigs. With the new V.4 software I have found
switching between songs and screens to be very fast. When scratching there
is virtually no lag it feels just like vinyl. As far as tempo drift I have
not heard of that issue. If the song used is analyzed and beat grid is
adjusted on the one then it works perfect.

djlucknuts says:

hours….takes about 4-5 with 7gb

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