A Beginner’s Guide to DJ Equipment & Gear

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DJ AXCESS form Live Axcess Entertainment and Buckeye Sounds walks you through the equipment you NEED to know to be a successful beginner DJ. Check out some of our other videos and subscribe for future tutorials.



Adam Weeks says:

You should not use XLR cables for lights

Sandesh Pawaroo says:

Can u please do a video reviewing your power supply that you use on your
Amp rack……Thank you!!

Silversidepro says:

It is true that they are made for different purpose. The true differance is
the load impedance they are designed for. One is designed for impedance of
~60ohms whereas the other is desgned for ~110 ohms. Data is shielded much
better, whereas the speaker only has copper wraped wires for the sheild.

Joseph Haggerty says:

To add to that, generally DMX has 5 pins, while XLR has 3 (although this
can change).

squashinmonks says:


Tony Rojas says:

awesome video bro! hollah at me im a graphic designer ill message you my
website if youre interested. im thinking about starting the dj scene,thanks
for the video!

djdiego pech says:

ja ja ja ja toy for kids bro?

QuesoJim Firework Reviews says:

I have two yamaha mains and a powered mixer, but they only have 1/4 outs on
them. Do you think that I should be concerned that it’s not a speakon?

starfish6697 says:

second LOLz

tylerwhit18 says:

@liveAxcessEnt how much did all those things cost for you?

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