Armin van Buuren – DJ setup explained

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Armin van Buuren explains how he syncs his live visuals on-the-fly with four Pioneer CDJ-2000s and a DJM-2000 mixer using just SMPTE signal and fader start functions.
See the full In The Studio with Armin van Buuren in FM258 on sale 27th Sept 2012.


SoJevable says:

Damn it Sander stop talking and let him talk….

Gound says:

What Armin Saying on 5:33, “We use…”?

Fergus Phillips says:

I really want to get into production/dj’ing and stuff, but it’s so
complicated XD

eisv says:

How he syncs the music with resolume?

Tomas Valainis says:

He might be the only one who still DJs. 

vision14 says:

wish he still played sets made of tracks like these.

trippinghard says:

Okay, now I understand everything. 

andrew brilliant says:

how do you start two cdjs with one fader?

Sebastian Willumsen says:

can someone tell me whats wrong with his hair? its silver on the one side

xXxKAMIKAZE247xXx says:

Where would one go learn how to VJ?

AnthonyJosephMusic says:

AVB will always be the greatest. Interesting setup. 

Xaser says:

Anyone knows what Software is running on the VJs laptop?

This seems waaay to complicated though.. There must be an easier way to
transmit the SMPTE time code. At least using a controler based Setup
(combined with traktor or anything). Anyone know about any alternatives?

proDJ says:

Armin van Buuren – DJ setup explained

Vale sempre a pena (re)ver boas aulas…

Kiren Kosygin Padayachee says:

Brilliant! This is an excellent way for mixing with visuals. As a DJ who is
also an electrical engineer I can really appreciate such a well thought out
solution! Keep it up Armin and Team! :)

kevin chau says:


nengstro says:

this way of DJing is boring. I prefer performing DJs on launch pads.(Look
for Novation launchpad here on youtube…)This is a playlist on spotify
with videoeffects basically….Maybe he plays his own songs to, that´s
fine, but otherwise I dont get the hype of pressing play 

vipul thakur says:

I talked to sander after armin only in Toronto, for 5 minutes I couldn’t
believe my ears lol
Anyway, my question is that, can I get custom visualizations when I DJ like
lyrics, artist’s videos that run in sync like armin’s gigs?
Anyone, please help. Many Thanks. 

simone9229 says:

Armin will always be #1 DJ for me despite the charts. Fantastic
explanation. Love #trancefamily

Tom Pike says:

Armin has so much class and humility, I love that he is explaining this and
putting any critics to shame, people are idiots and assume things, this man
works hard to remain true and is a true musician!

Doug Dougie says:

Bruh just dj and stop becoming a Vj and use all 4 decks and make a Insane

leknyzma says:

I can see TB 303 there :D!!!

Keith Chia says:

I’m wondering how other DJs do the same thing without the same setup. many
DJs have song-specific lighting that moves in time with the beat, as well
as lyrics on screen that are synced. i have never seen them communicate
with the VJ via their laptop. How then do the DJ an VJ communicate? How
does the VJ prepare the next set of visuals without knowing what the DJ is
going to play next? 

MrZambooni says:

Snader shut up already ! xD

nerdsta23 says:

First time ever at a rave was TAO 09′ and I saw Armin for 8 hours straight.
Ever since that night I’ve been hooked. I absolutely love trance!

Filidji Productions says:


Viktor Popov says:

Armin van Buuren – DJ setup explained:

delfino contreras hernandez says:


ramon fajardo says:


dj red hare aus says:

why not just use serato video

Economygeeks says:
DJPasDEE says:

well … thats awesome van buuren…

Christine Dinsay says:

Love this

Rene Crooijmans says:

Sander, y u no talk?!

mike romero says:

name song 7 15

Paula González says:

It’s he using, Resolume Avenue, fot the VDijing?¿?

Maxim Jankov says:

I don’t event like trance that much, but I really respect Armin for making
his sets live and not faking it. Little strange that he only uses two
decks, instead of going with 4-deck traktor setup or some crazy Live set,
but I guess trance tracks are so dense you don’t really need more then 2
playing at once.

Adrian Alexe says:

what is the name of the first melody? 0:01 – 0:18

Sir Boss says:

dude this is like… genius

Mint Trax says:

nice 303 m888888

Emanuel Pinaroli says:

2:15 Sound of Slender xD

mike romero says:


Liam Wheeler says:


Mark Sherman says:

It sounds like Pioneer really needs to add SMPTE integration.

Alex Moschopoulos says:

He’s got a Roland 303 sitting there!

Wasantha kumara says:


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