Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Professional Vinyl DJ Turntable HD-Video Review

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This is the official HD-Video review of the Technics Clones Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Professional Vinyl DJ Turntables. These all-metal turntables have a familiar Technics layout and feel along with a strong build and sound quality to match. Great for DJ’s and everyone else in between. Check out the full written review in the link above.


Nichita Bailuc says:

I got an amazing deal on a turntable that was portable (it can run
batteries) and even had USB. Beside the USB there is a headphone jack but I
could not figure out what its for. The jack says input. I tried microphone
but it did nothing. What is the jack for

Fabiano says:

Why do you say that’s only for DJ’s?

Matt Neal says:

Stupid question, but can I scratch, sample, all that with no DJ mixer, just
straight in USB? I’m getting into turntablism so I’d appreciate any answer

Ryan Harrison says:

Would this be compatible with an MPC Renaissance? 

skoh121 says:


I have heard that scratching/cueing/general pushing and pulling of the
platter causes the internal gears of this turntable to be damaged.

Has anyone who has used this turntable for long-term DJing noticed anything
like this??

inthe7thhouse says:

Great video, Kareem! I know you said it wasn’t for audiophile purposes, but
in your opinion, do you think it can adapt to staying at home on a shelf
and still sound good? And my last question, will the tonearm accept a wide
range of cartridges/styi such as the Ortofon Concorde dj and the AT440Mla
or is it limited to only a few?
Thanks and keep on spinnin’,

gunterdak says:

Play in reverse? Yes! Now I can finally hear all those hidden satanic
messages everyone keeps talking about!

PadsBanger says:

Can I connect my headphones using RCA adapter without using external
amplifier ?

Abstraiit says:

is it good for mixing or just casual listening?

MitSi GuN says:

I’m thinking for buying it but I saw its cons and it says that the Motor
slows under Extreme scratching situations! And I want it for scratching! Or
I can still buy it?

Fabio Berardi says:

can i use it without usb?

Nick Caruso says:

Would you recommend using this vinyl player for vinyls from 50s-80s. I
recently got into classic vinyls so I wanted to get a really good turntable
for my records

TheDjrootz says:

so i can take this right out of the box and use it with scratch live?

Corz Illa says:

you look stoned as bro!

smiley00341 says:

Great Review!!! I wish you would have scratched the whole time ;).

mikey james says:


Guido Ruggiero says:

Thanks for the video! very complete! Dj Dog from argentina

Manquin DJ says:

can be used with timecoded vinyls? what material is the surface?

YesItsVetzHD says:

is the USB purely for recording purposes or will it detect pitch change if
using vdj/traktor/ect?

adelgado75 says:

So this would be a good turn table for someone who simply wants to play
vinyl records? i’m not a dj. I just want something dependable. Thanks. 

danny11darko says:

Ordered one in black yesterday. Can’t wait!

Matteo Biffoni says:

Felice possessore di un Technics 1210.

xXDjOdysseyXx says:

For everyone wondering on how the scratching is i have a video up show
casing how it is

Pax Americana says:

Very nice review.. Thanks for posting.

Skelly B says:

Amazon suggested these decks to me so I thought I’d see what you had to say
about them Kareem and I like what I see. I brought a pair of Stanton’s
before christmas but wish I saw these first, O’well I’m still gonna buy me
a pair of the Audio Technica this spring for sure. 

Bookit says:

I Have one and yeah

Chris Reichow says:

New to the turntable game, I found one on CL, obviously going through the
mechanics to make sure it works and everything. Basically is this good for
beginners? can I just throw a vinyl on and it’ll play? besides speakers and

pablo andrade says:

is high torque? i want a pair of these to play electronic music, what do
you think? (technics are too expensive for me)

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