BSS Audio AR-133 active DI box review and user guide

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A video covering the features and operation of the BSS audio AR-133 active DI box.

Product page on BSS website:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


OneArchetype says:

Great review, thanks a lot. Is there however a difference in performance
from this unit when using batteries as apposed to 48V phantom power? I want
to use it for recording purposes and my audio interface does not have
phantom power.

Kostadin Roshinski says:

Very useful! I use passive guitars and an active bass and I was thinking
that I need to buy an active DI and a passive one. You just answered my
question. I’m going to buy the BSS. Thank you so much!

Darko Velickovski says:

Very helpffull video can you tell me is this a good way to play bass guitar
on small gigs for 50 – 80 people tnx … 

Raffi Boutchakjian says:

Thanks Bruno. I get confused in a balanced and unbalanced lines . where do
we use balanced or unbalanced. Thanks for Your patience .

Kened Pradhan says:

You are such a wonderful teacher demonstrator mate !! it’s such a pleasure
watching your videos for their sheer source of educational experience. You
not only talk about the instrument at hand but also give side information
which is mighty useful to uneducated self taught tech heads like moi 😉
lol. I solemnly swear by your video that you are Z Best !!! Please kindly
keep on educating us and thou shall be rewarded in Heaven as on Earth !!
Hallelujah brother !!!!!

kevystead says:

So this particular set up is to run from the on stage powered moniters
which Carry the stage levels for the band (vox, guitar etc,) into my
Beringer 802 mixer for my in ear monitors as there is a limited number of
stage monitors. I’ve run a balanced line/TRS cable as well as a line cable
from the powered monitor direct to the behringer and it comes thru the in
ears distorted. Dunno the make of the system but stage monitors are

Sarah Jones says:

Thanks Bruno. Very helpful!

GLB Productions says:

– Thanks for the question. A passive electric guitar plugged into effects
pedals actually results in an active system because the pedals themselves
are battery powered, hence it would be best to go with a good passive DI
such as the Radial JDI.

kevystead says:

So I need to find a way to run out of the powered monitors to my in ear
rig, Snake on the stage has no line outs or a way to connect to the monitor
line out on the board which is by the front of house. Any help you can
offer is appreciated. Thanks

kevystead says:

would this be a good device to use running out of powered stage monitor to
behringer mixer running in ear monitors? i have had the problem running
directly balanced and line cable from the monitor to my small mixer running
the in ear. Thanks for your help.

Yogesh Bagdawala says:

I want to buy di box, first time going to use it, so bss AR 133 IS THE

GLB Productions says:

– Have sent you a personal message 🙂

GLB Productions says:

– Yes the AR-133 is the latest BSS DI box, and the only one in current

GLB Productions says:

– Thanks for your kind words brother, it’s good to be able to give back
some of the knowledge I have taken from others over the years 🙂

GLB Productions says:

– Thank you, glad the video was helpful. Not really – DI boxes are designed
for use with instrument and line-level sources, not microphones. In
addition, all professional microphones already have a balanced output, so a
DI is not needed. What sort of mic do you need to connect to your mixer?

Celso Saraiva Filho says:

good night have one set GK 400RB mark IV connected in a cabinet Hartke TP
x10 aluminum, how do I connect this BSS in my set? And with that set can
not get fat and warm sound typical of the P-Bass Fenders.My bass is a
Fender Jass Bass Special Made in Japan 1986 Model Duff and others 1988 also
Japanese Jazz Bass pickups Custom

TheSoundman57 says:

Thanks Bruno, a good presentation of this DI. I’ve just bought 3 of these
units as I’m going back into PA Hire after a 30 year break. This DI appears
to be an ‘industry standard’ for many hire co’s and with the versatility it
provides you can see why. Steve Monk, Abbey Audio Nottingham UK

GLB Productions says:

– Also ensure that the gain on your mixer is set correctly – see my video
‘how to set gain on the mixing console’ for a quick set of instructions 🙂
Let me know if this helps!

GLB Productions says:

– Thanks for getting in touch. I will need more information before I can
advise you – please describe your setup in greater detail: What instruments
are you plugging into the stage monitor? What is the make and model of your
stage monitor and mixer? Thanks.

Taylor Chambers says:

Hey great video! I was just wondering are you able to connect a microphone
via xlr to the DI box and then connect it to the mixer?

Celso Saraiva Filho says:


GLB Productions says:

– Thanks for the comment! I have two of them and they are definitely my
most-used active DIs. One tip – when using them with active acoustic
guitars, I sometimes find it useful to engage the 20dB pad – this tames the
signal a bit and the lower input impedance helps to make the guitar sound a
bit warmer. All the best with your business, and be gentle on your back!!!

GLB Productions says:

– You’re most welcome.

Gezim Koshi says:

Hi mate. I’ts helpful video. I was wondering if you ever tried it with
electric passive guitar and effect pedals? because i’m trying to buy this
DI Box in order to get rid of amp on gig’s. What’s your opinion on using
BSS DI instead of amp?

GLB Productions says:

– Thanks for the info. What sort of output connector are you using on the
monitor? Some of these powered monitors have speaker-level connections on
the back which can do damage if connected to the wrong input! If it’s an
XLR output you *should* be ok. Also, ensure that you are running into the
line level input on your mixer and not the mic input. If the output on the
monitor is an XLR male, this means you will need a female XLR to TRS cable.

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