Buying your first DJ set? What are your options? (overview by DJ TLM)

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Interactive overview video! You can jump from subject to subject by clicking on the links menu in the video.
(if you don’t see the link menu please make sure that you have enabled ‘annotations’ in the youtube player)

In the first overview video for djTLMtv DJ TLM shows you the options you have if you want to buy a DJ set and explains the differences between using turntables (with real vinyl), CD turntables, timecode systems (with turntables or CD turntables) and midi DJ controllers.

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Factsheet DJ TLM:
– Club DJ since 1995 with residencies throughout The Netherlands
– Plays Hip Hop, R&B, New Jack Swing, Soul, Funk, Disco, Dancehall & Electronic Dance Music
– Tour DJ for MTV Award winning rap artist Brainpower since 1998
– Over 2500 live shows with Brainpower in Europe, The Caribbean and The US
– Weekly mixshow (Set It Off) on Holland’s biggest urban radio station 538 Juize.
– Co-hosted national Hip Hop tv show MTV RAW for MTV Holland (2003 — 2004)
– Over 1.000.000 views on his youtube channels
– Released more than 40 mixtapes and artist promo mixes
– Produced tracks for Brainpower/Jean Grae, Deams and Dicecream,
– Co-wrote the music for the Dutch soundtrack of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed video game
– Provided scratches on tracks for Brainpower and more national & international artists
– Provided scratches on the #1 single Dansplaat (certified gold in Holland and Belgium)
– Supported Black Eyed Peas, N.E.R.D., Eminem, Snoop Dogg, D12, Nelly and De La Soul,
– Supported DJ Cash Money, DJ Premier, DJ Scratch and DJ Jazzy Jeff

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djTLMtv says:

Hi guys,

Due to health issues I couldn’t finish video’s I was working on (NS7-2
review) and I can’t record new video’s either. I lost my voice over the
weekend and that makes it a bit difficult to record stuff ­čśë

I should be fine in a couple of days so stay tuned!

For the DJ’s who would like to be part of the Saturday Super Session: Join
the Saturday Super Session and send me your own video!´╗┐

djTLMtv says:

Hi guys,

I’ve been extremely busy with different projects, gigs and private life and
as a result I was not able to make new video’s in the last two weeks. I’m
back in the lab right now and the new video’s are dropping asap!

Thanks for the support and patience.


angel arellano says:

I want to be all three types of DJ…´╗┐

Matt Neal says:

I have a question that no one can seem to answer.. I’m looking at buying an
Audio-Technica LP120- USB Turntable. Eventually I will get another one of
those (or an SL1200 :P) to juggle and work on serious turntablism (I’m just
getting the AT one to get the basics and sample some cool stuff). Do I need
a DJ mixer now? The TT has a USB cord to plug into computer so I know that
without a mixer I cannot use the cross fader, but can I still sample
records and scratch, recording the sound from the USB cable to my PC? Would
appreciate any answers!´╗┐

Mechacelzi says:

What’s the cheapest vinyl turntable to start off on with turntablism. if
you’re on a tight budget? ´╗┐

rock278 says:

What would be the approx ammount of money needed for a first DJ kit? Like
reccomended setups, and im guessing you need a laptop for it, any GB/TB
sizes reccomended?´╗┐

InsanityMoment says:

1) not the 7″ are for 45 rpm ….there are a lot of 12″ @ 45 rpm
2) we have tons of new music on vinyl…. all the good shit is released on
vinyl….the crap will never be´╗┐

Daan Gerssen says:

Is the Numark iDJ Pro any good for a beginner just wanting to mix tracks?
I’m an EDM addict and I want to try to make some of my own tracks and mix
them for fun. I just don’t know whether it’s necessary for me to be mixing
on a laptop with either Serato or Traktor or if the iDJ app is enough.´╗┐

Dave Terry says:

Vintage son!´╗┐

Alexander Mills says:

thank you for saying techniks instead of “techniques”…just bc some euros
pronounce it that way doesnt mean we have to :)´╗┐

Daniel Gonzalez says:

Thanks for the tutorial man.´╗┐

CaesarRIO says:

For what you would go DJM Nexus 900 or DJM Nexus 2000?´╗┐

T Cra says:

What samples do i need to practice scratching? Any song? Or actual dj
sample made for scratching? ´╗┐

DJ KRED says:

if you use Serato software with a Pioneer mixer/midi, can it be used with
any mixer/midi or just Pioneer brand?´╗┐

Clifton T Fulford says:

Good Looking out… Your video was very insightful. I will be checking out
your channel as I try to learn how to DJ. I am in the fetal stages. I just
have the basic set up SONY VAIO Flip 2 in 1 and Numark Mixtrack II. Do you
have a video that shows you the basics and fundamentals to mixing?´╗┐

Aand R says:

2 stanton str8 150’s with vestax pmc 05 pro 3dx and 4000+ lps, nothing else
is needed´╗┐

Conor Mccormack says:

hi, nice video just wondering do you have any recommendations on a midi
controler that you can scratch with im new to dj and lookig to try it out´╗┐

DNAC Exon says:

Cool! Ik ga de Numark Mixtrack Quad kopen!!!´╗┐

darbukadrummer says:

super good excellent exact what i want peace´╗┐

carlos morales says:

Is stanton t92 a good brand of vinyls? I am thinking on buying either a set
of stanton or reloop. Which one would be better?´╗┐

Michael Daugherty says:

That’s too bad but your health is more important. Hope you feel better. I
just purchased an NS7 from Guitar center. It was the demo unit so I got a
good deal on it. I used it at a wedding after having it for 2 days and it
performed without any flaws. Traded my vci-300mk2 for it. I really love
this unit and it wasn’t hard to adapt to the unit at all. ´╗┐

will park says:

So I’m thinking about buying this set from this buy on this Buy&Sell group
in my local area. Should I go ahead and buy it? I’m thinking on doing some
remixing and scratching. I also have a question. In the listed picture he
is selling a pair of Stanton T.62 turntable, but I’m wondering do I
actually have to use vinyl records? I don’t have that much money and I
would really be happy if there was an alternative where I can use MP3 songs
off of a computer. That being said would I have to buy Serato scratch live

def creator says:

i think the Philips turntables from the 70s are the best turntables ever
build, belt driven, wobbly platters, no pitch control so people you all
need to buy Philips recordplayers if you want to be a REAL DJ like
myself..okay???? ´╗┐

Ben Bruylant says:

excellent! thank you very much, you’ve made my choice! great vid´╗┐

Chris Lienaerts says:

I’m thinking about buying a midi controller. I’m a beginning dj, just for
at home and some little parties. I don’t know which one to buy: the Numark
mixtrack pro II
or the pioneer ddi sb. What do you think is best for me?´╗┐

DestinationMan says:

it’s funny i’m a dubstep producer but can’t even djing haha most producer
starts from djing and go for music production afterward.. but i start from
a program for creating music that is fl studio. xD
now i’m gonna start to buy these equipments just wanna practice how to
djing. ­čÖé
Btw thanks for this video really helped me alot! :D´╗┐

LilCyes says:

thank u wery much´╗┐

Insanitarium Iavlenskaia says:

Have you played with the NS7II? If so, what did you think of it? Any reason
not to get it?´╗┐

rsanchez7111 says:

Great vid. Thx Dawg!´╗┐

Jerome Hughes says:

Thanks bro u make everything very simple I want to start off with mini
system first house music´╗┐

Lenny Lendogg says:

Hi, I’m into 80-90s rap, and that style DJing is best done on a turnable
right? sorry may seem like a dumb question but an answer will be much
appreciated, Thanks :)´╗┐

Reuben Parkes says:

what is a cheap good dj mixer that around the $ 500-100 mark´╗┐

Khalid Stewart says:

Great video! Im a beginner looking to see if this is somethng I want to get
into. Right now I would like to do it as a hobby with minimum scratching,
would the Numark NS6 be something good for me to start off with? Its
considered a midi right? Thanks for your help!´╗┐

Caspar Way says:

ratingss for this video, cheers boss´╗┐

TraptInH3ll says:

I want 2 start djing what would be a good set up for me? ´╗┐

Liam Heart says:

Yeah thank you very much! I never had a dj set before but i really like to
become a dj, is the pioneer ddj-sx a good one? I know it’s a 1000 euros but
i think it’s worth it ;s reply please´╗┐

sagecorpin says:

i already know all of this so i guess im not a beginner dj.´╗┐

Tim Vo says:

I used to DJ back in the 80’s and early 90’s and lately got back into it as
a hobby and realized the USB MIDI controller was the way to go. Least
expensive and but some learning curve unless you get a controller with a
built in sound card. But if you want to be turntablist then Turntables are
the way to go. But if you just want to mix MP3s, a USB Midi controller is
the way to go thats very cost effective.´╗┐

thatamzingyugiohguy says:

Hey ik heb een vraag wat is de beste manier om te leren mixen zijn er
mensen die lessen geven?´╗┐

DCBeats says:

Thanks for the tips! This will help me starting out as a hobby DJ. ´╗┐

575garden says:

Great video.´╗┐

luv(sic) says:

I recently got into collecting vinyls. Me being a guy from the CD iPod era
can only imagine how much effort and money that collection must have cost
you. So jealous, btw great video´╗┐

MatteoSaibeneMusic says:

vinyl of course!!!´╗┐

dave o connor says:

great video´╗┐

MrSoccerBmx says:

What’s the name of the mini turn table?´╗┐

TheKevzero1 says:

OK peeps it’s like this,if you want to go vinyl you’ll need to get up off
your arse and go too record shops and hunt for tracks,that is the hook…if
you want to go digital just sit on your arse and DL tracks…I prefer the

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