Carl Cox – DJsounds Show 2011

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Yes! It’s really him! Carl Cox joins us on the show this week, playing cuts and remixes from his brand new album – All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor, in an exclusive mix over four CDJ-2000s and the DJM-2000. This really is special.

Carl tells Dan Tait about the concept behind the album and how it comes on a unique USB key, packed with additional content.


DJsounds says:

Thank you for watching

Philippe Saturne says:

Honnestly this man may be a professional ..but it is totally BORING.

I hate that.

Philippe Saturne says:

Look the girl sitting behind him…she may be looking at her watch
thinking “it is only 10 o clock and I am longing for my lunch time”.

Влад Волохов says:

КАК можно играть такое дерьмо! ?

gonzalo river kpo Fino says:

Grandeeeeee carlitooooosss sos crack me la subis siempre :D


Esa pinche RAMERA de ahi detras solo esta DEMAS !!
La sesion esta muy muy buena !!!
Es increible que la chica solamente hace menos ameno el momento con su
presencia tan indiferente !!!
Es molesta !!!
Carl Cox es y ha sido por mucho mucho tiempo uno de los mas grandes en la
escena !! !!
Muy buen video !!
Saludos desde MEXICO !!

Giulio Recchia says:

Fantastico carl cox

ZSK Prod says:

Wtf is this ! 4 CDJ ! only one is good for Carl I think, serious … I mix
better with my fucking controller

cdeep29 says:

if only these didn’t cost a fortune :(

Joel Nunez says:

Any other DJs like Carl Cox?



MousseEnBiday says:

58:13 the moment something’s wrong 58:25 shit what the fuck do I do 58:28
aahhh there we go

Leonardo Gaffi says:

grande carlcox

thelol1759 says:

Wow Carl. Way to fucking sell DRM as a good thing. Fuck that man.

I love you for your music. Dont put me through your DRM bullshit just
because you’re afraid you may loose 2% of your profit. Thats fucked up.

Mero Míguez says:

Yo pondría este video todos los días como primera hora de clase en todas
las escuelas e institutos.

antss says:

i keep coming back every week to listen to 41:25

Alessandro Tutti says:


Tintin Onacid says:

When did Carl Cox get so god damn boring?? Shame… 

Eli Gotay says:

nice set

Quentin Miqueu says:

What is your t shirt? i love it

Fabio Whyte says:

Carl Cox Is So Cool Awsome Set Well Done Man!

Buxtonnes says:

jesus, I hope this guy takes note of his clinical obesity or we will lose
him very very fast 

jaime lazo torbado says:
yoda says:

Chilling in me garden with coxy

Robert Nesta says:

Real DJ at WORK!

Quốc Anh Hà says:

amazing dj skill 

mike whiprek says:

this guys king. i’m glad i got another cdj 1000 :)

mohamed essaidi says:

hello; fantastic, thank you

yoda says:

Oi oi get right on one matey

Marius Uranium says:

House Fat Joe ?!

MrCubix005 says:

That chick on the backgrond doe

Cuba ImageFocus says:

someone knows THIS TRACK 41:00

Hamilton Fixed Rider says:

excruciating having to wait over 10 minutes just to listen to Carl Cox and
his magic ! :(

ram middel says:

doepie vet

Cala Winfall says:

you cant beat carl cox :)

Волков Сергей says:

The great guru master

NREAL01 says:

Wow ! Excellent mix ! Carl cox is a genious. Thanks to DJsounds for this.
Keep up the good work.

alejandro guzman says:

Wow this is the best track of minimal trnce its so good mr. Guzman

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