Cheap DJ Equipment thats affordable For you!

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Get DJ Equipment thats affordable. your not gonna get famous over night so if you dont got the money to spend on expensive stuff dont, get stuff thats solid reliable and affordable .

Sorry i had a cold and this is my first video review upload.

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TheFurybeats says:

I had a gateway with a core i5 4 gigs of ram running virtual dj and had
nothing but problems. Sold my gateway got a macbook pro with a core2duo and
4gb of ram running virtual dj and have no problems. Vdj is not a good
program for pc but works fine on mac, did many sets never crashed on me 

MrLilbambam100 says:

Hey Donald I’m 13 trying to learn how to dj but I’m 13 so…I don’t have
the money for it so this video actually helped

TCOG Clan says:

i got my setup for around $144 i converted pounds so it might not be so

Torey Beauchum says:

I have a rely cheap gemini mixer and beatpad on ebay

al wong den says:

I totally agree

DJ EVOL says:

ns7 all the way

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