Cheap DJ Equipment

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Just some thoughts from a recent Facebook post


Kbeck94 says:

TLDW: Buy nice or buy twice

Whore Master says:

RCF is aaah over the Top! They Build the best Chassis for PA Speakers!

Cesar Salinas says:

shut the fuck up with that cheap dj shit nigguh its the music that matters
not the audio i aint gonna lie my set is cheap but rewired by true dj’s
from MEXICO and it sounds better than most of these djays 

Justin Taylor says:

Wow. So a 5 minute rant that says.. “dont buy cheap stuff, buy good stuff”
Thanks so much… yawn.

rob montez says:

Great video and I agree with you 100%. I am in the Los Angeles market and
have fallen victim to what I call the “Craigslist DJ killer”. I am lucky to
get a good gig once a month and even them It’s around $250 vs my
competition @ $25 and hour.

Kenny H says:

Question? what do you thing about American audio vmx4 controller.
Can you make a response about that. Thanks 

DJ TReX says:

how is a Pioneer DDJ-SB

kurt travers says:

Why dont you quit bragging & dissing us beginner disc jockeys ???
I have seen the one video with the 15 minute rant about
weddings for beginners very rude … when it comes to cheap
equipment let me say something I am a beginner I got cheap equipment my
system is a 200 dollar road case rack mountable my cd players are numark
cdn 22 mk 3 I use a 3 channel mixing board I am starting out small and
going big . If you dont like what us beginners are using then ok how about
you take and buy all of us beginner djs the equipment you think we need
??? far as speakers I dont even use them yet as a beginner Dj I use a
Marshall guitar amp a big crate one & it suits just fine for small gigs I
dont do weddings yet until I get speakers I do birthdays and small partys .
Just leave us beginners along you do your thing let us do our thing quit
being ignorant Ass hole

Gustavo Rivera says:

you really right but right now for example i buy JBL speakers because i
love it but people dont pay much for a dj thats the only problem but you
still correct some djs have crappy speakers and i get that but i think some
djs really need to upgrade

DJ Domino says:

Being a working DJ and buying inexpensive equipment is analygous to a
mechanic who buys cheap tools.They may work for a while, but eventually
they will break.And since Mr. Murphy loves mobile DJ’s, they will break
during the wedding introductions.
Spending the money on good, road worthy equipment is literally like buying

Torey Beauchum says:

hey I have a cheap DJ mixer and beat pad on ebay check it out

david1321 says:

what do you think about the Pioneer ddj sx or the new Newmark NS7 II

pbassred says:

I use a rule when I buy equipment:- If they need to write “Pro” on the box,
the chances are that it isn’t pro quality IN the box. As an approximate
measure of manufacturing cost, for a $100 product, it costs $5 for the
carton, $10 for the unit casing, $10 to ship it from China, and $20 mark-up
at the retailer. That leaves $55 for the function of the product. Spend
$200 and all of those costs are the same …. except that $155 goes into

“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you
pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too
little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was
incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of
business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be
done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for
the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for
something better.” – John Ruskin

Joe Hayes says:

Hey Brian, what do you think about the Behringer B212d? I’ve been using
behringer mixers for years and I like them, and I am thinking about getting
a pair of them. Thanks, Joe.

audioh0lic says:

they used to be on top of the game with their horn subs, but with today’s
technology their subs are too heavy for the output. they also boost certain
frequencies to be louder, but they sound like shit really.

briansredd says:

My advice is to save a bit more cash & go for RCF 312A’s. Ben Stowe at
NLFXPRO will work with you if you drop my name

Dylan Knollenberg says:

I have been on the road with many many famous bands running big dmx
lighting consoles, and I NEVER thought of it as a “Visual Experience”, very
true, gave me another perspective to look for, I some times look for that
already, just never thought of it like that,

Ricky K says:

mate… i mean this in the nicest possible way… but you look really

djmarkmuney says:

Being burned is all the part of learning. I own some junk. We’ve had the
internet for quite some time. Look at the “Reviews” online before you
decide to make that purchase. I’ve just experienced a case where I read the
reviews and “cheap” was better.Of-course every retailer wants to sale you
something. Sweetwater only carries only top of the line products,giving
guarantee in who you buy from. Like your favorite dopeman.LOL! GC is good
about letting you return products if they don’t work out.

danthelightingman says:

great video Brian! 🙂

aprilialover125 says:

well, I don’t really think that two 8″ will give you the same punch as a
12″ or 15″, if it delivers in the high mid, the low mid kinda lacks.. but i
also think the CVA line looks really weird.. but sure go ahead if you want
a speaker that lasts maybe 2 years of hard pounding, and looks shit. IDK it
doesn’t really matter, i don’t buy this cheap stuff anyways..

audiofanaticz says:

Good video Brian!! Cheap parts never do as best as a premium brand, this
goes for more than pro/car/home audio video, lighting, even computers, and
any daily electronics you use. <- turns 30 in august, and still spend thousands in car audio every year, always upgrading! However I finally got smart and do a lot of installs and enclosure builds for others, so now the money I make on the side is only what I spend on my stereo. Tho I still love buying lighting effects just so amazing to watch.

gyrene4 says:

Thanks for the vid but when r u going to do more truss videos like u said u

Silver Wolfen says:

What do u think about seismic audio speakers?

Boyden Hingston says:

I use RCF 312A’s for live sound and djing and they are a million times
better then any JBL or QSC speakers. I used some QSC’s once for a show and
they sounded crap. Still you can have your own opinion. I doubt you have
ever heard RCF’s

DJ Musical Host says:

Some good advice there but depends on your budget I guess its bit like
trial and error. Have you or anyone used behringer speakers? they are not
top of the range but not cheap either. I try to test equipment before
buying and the equipment I have bought works well.

jun regala says:

hi brian, i am planning to do mobile djing and i want to invest on good
quality active speakers and sub that suits to cover 150 people indoor ie
hotel function room. my budget is around 2,500 dollars. i need your
suggestion please. many thanks

DJPolska07 says:

thats what i don’t like going shopping to any stores around here or if i do
i do not ask for any help because it does get annoying when they try to
sell you stuff they wanna sell and give you attitude if you go with
something else.

cjmitz says:

I agree with BenisFTW here. No client would expect or notice the quality
difference that they would expect to hear at concerts. No clients would
also know if it costs you £2k to replace the drivers in your speakers, nor
would they imagine that to be the repair bill if an accident occurred.
Pro-audio normally means professional audio technicians using the gear. Any
decent local band should use what any DJ should (RCF, JBL, EAW), if you
could afford more.. fine, but we dont charge enough for more!

sqwerty123456789 says:

What are anybody’s thought on cerwin vega?

AlynatrillGaming says:

Hey, I just found you and you’ve been helping me learn a lot. Thanks for
that! I’m just getting into DJ’ing and the biggest party I’ll be playing is
my friend’s grad party next month. I only work a minimum wage job so I’m
trying to find some relatively cheap speakers. Can you suggest anything
under $700-800 for about 200 people, outdoors? Thanks!

tbmproductionsdj1 says:

You hit the nail on the head. You get what you pay for.

TheWindspeed36 says:

Any reasoning behind this? I know RCF has had issues recently with their
DigiPro amps but its nothing too major.

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