DJ Equipment Best in 2012 all brands.

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all the cool staff for the 2012 in DJ technology.


Turntablist nightOne says:

@ EpicMaffiaGamer
The only good thing in this video is the Rane sixty two at the end of the
video and we see it thru a screen lol.
I’m sorry but Pioneer are far from great. Why using CDJ anyway? To be a CD
DJ? Their mixers are OK but not great. I would go Rane, Vestax, Ecler or NI
now with their Kontrol Z2 over any Pioneer mixers. I guess they should
stick to car sound system.
Beside the TTX (witch is really really really awesome), Numark never made
great things but if you are on a budget or starting, it’s good value

EpicMaffiaGamer says:

Numark rocks man! With pioneer of cours. Like two kings on a trone

EpicMaffiaGamer says:

@ abdel dj is never dead man

MisterPeaceFull2 says:

nice like the pioneer got some of that dj set

Abdel Bawazer says:

DJ is dead!


Namm Show 2012 Anaheim California.

kingoftroy05 says:

what is the basic equipment i need to start dj? I want dj just for fun and
if i get good birthday prties!

bluex217 says:

the video is 911 in lenghth.. and there’s 11 dislikes

Agjelion123 says:

DUDE’s! Pioneer cdj 2000 Pioneer djm 900 nexus Pionees hdj 2000 all other
dj-gear sucks !

Nico Gallo says:

yeah pioneer but who the hell can afford that off the bat

djblaze2345 says:

NUMARK ROCKS with pioneer right next to it…. Come to think about It…
There equal……

KoolKidKarl2k8 says:

What is the music? It’s awesome!

Miguel Ortiz says:

where is this?

Dj VENZON says:

@1:58 what type of mixer is that ?? & yes I know it’s a pioneer

Daniel G says:

What Tha F

Prithvi Roy says:

song name plz

Ssabevar K says:


djkookie559 says:


Thiago Lucato says:

The music is: Superstar (AG7 Electro House Remix) by singer Montse, has on
itunes and Amazon.

DeUnTodo says:

hey song name!!??

yourbestbroever says:

you dont need all that shit do you? i mean its all in the imagination isnt
it whats the point of having the best shit if you dont have any imagination
to creat music…

Gerardo Villarreal says:

“I wanna be a Super Star-Super Star!”

DJDeadMonster says:

some people have alot of $

abbeylanedj says:

My Denon HD2500 just stopped working. I’m looking at buying a Numark HDMIX.
Is this a good buy? Are there any other brands that have a build in hard

touchthatsky says:

…said the wealthy kid.

MrDwc1324 says:

5 14 its pioneer not tracor

Vladislav Yurak says:

nice video !

Stanley Hood says:

were is that based

doingitbigent says:

man apple got alot of love that day i dont see a pc in sight my feelings
hurt i have a hp dv7 but want a macbook or pro so bad

rrapid says:

where is this place at ?? i wnna go!!!

Aga Villagomeza says:

i love bieber’s new song.

DJRomeoV says:

Pioneer got the best stand…how obvious.

Mike Diligent says:

David guetta isnt a dj hes a producer there is proof all his live sets are
pre-recorded look it up!

TheUoLo says:

no dude just no

pugggs says:

and you will never be as cool as us until you get one.

doingitbigent says:

well thats the case i never want one never liked being a follower

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