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Equipment List For Mobile DJS
Numark NS7 Turntable
NS7 Flight Case
Serato Itch
3x Behringer 215D speakers
Shure Wireless Mic
Ultimate Support Speaker Stands
American DJ Jellyfish Lights
Odyssey Table
Odyssey Laptop Stand
Milwaukee hand truck
Numark Headphones
500gb external hard drive
Cables and cords


Michael Holmes says:

Hi Will Bee. The table is almost sturdy to a fault. It weighs 30 pounds!
You may want to get something lighter.

Michael Holmes says:

Good point.

Dj Will Bee says:

I have everything accept that dj table , how sturdy is that and can it hold
the equipment sturdy on it.

rocky44ization says:

Very good set up for a beginner and I am stoked. YOU MAKE IT LOOK TOO EASY

Michael Holmes says:

Sure. The book is still a work in progress, but you can be the first to
receive it by going to my website in the description . if you have any
specific questions email me at info at

Rene Flecke says:

cool wie du das machst

Cliford Estores says:

Pioneers are beyond my reach:p Im just starting so im looking for a cheap
and good for starting mobile djs. im looking into getting a numark m4 or m6
mixer and two numark ndx400 cdjs. do you think it’s a good choice for
starters? or can you recommend a better setup? i just bought a pair of 15″
gemini speakers too. I have a christmas party gig comin up on december so
im trying to shop now. i’d really appreciate any suggestions (tried the
mixtrack pro II but i think it’s only for home

Hunternation99 says:

can u give me tips on how to get started?

Cliford Estores says:

you should also make a 5min video of you mixing songs

Cliford Estores says:

wow.. you spent some money on this set up.. i want too:) anyway, What’s up
with the NS7. what’s the pro’s and cons?

fendergibsonLOVE says:

hey im Jen, am i to late to get the book? and i would love to keep in touch
with you i am very interested in the Dj info you have would be really
helpful thnx 😉

fendergibsonLOVE says:

hey im Jen, am i to late to get the book? and i would love to keep in
touch with you i am very interested in the Dj info you have would be really
helpful thnx 😉

Michael Holmes says:

It’s my friend Julien’s song. Search for JULI3NLive on youtube.

drifter1998best says:

ok mum i need round 2k bucks to start my first dj lesson

Stoshuss says:

Try the Tracktor S2 or S4,does everything you need for home use or a
nightclub. The new models have just come out so the older versions should
have come down in price. You can pick up a second hand S2 on ebay for
around £200. Then I suggest saving up for Pioneer CDJ’s,expensive but worth
every penny. To be honest,you will never get full use out of expensive
mixing equipment as a mobile DJ as most of the time you will be playing
random,cheesy party music which in most cases is un-mixable.

Michael Holmes says:

The NS7 II is now out which has a ton of added features like a four channel
mixer and touch sensitive pads. The biggest downside to the NS7 is the
weight. The unit weighs 50 pounds, add 30 for the case and you’re at a
back-breaking 80 pounds. If you can do without the moving platters you
should consider the pioneer ddj-sx at 16 pounds.

FuZiionBroski says:

Can you message me or help me? Like I know the equipment to get but I don’t
want to go overboard in price.

Patrick Perez says:

Ns7 will need a MacBook pro or imac out takes a lot of processing power to
run smoothly. Serato will not support AMD processors.

Skitzo Tune EDM says:

Fun fact: You don’t need a macbook at all. Any laptop will do.

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