DJ Equipment Sale – Selling my DJ Equipment

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2 Yamaha S215v with 4 Brand New Peavey Black Widow Speakers
2 JBL MRX 515’s
2 Crown XTI 2000 Amps
2 American DJ Punch LED PRO Lights
2 Technics SL1200 MK5 Turntables
2 Shure Turntable Needles
1 RANE TTM57SL Mixer
1 Pioneer EFX-500 Sound Processor
1 Shure DUAL wireless Microphone Setup
2 Rockit 8 Monitor Speakers

ALL Wiring and 2 Speaker Stands

Selling ITEMS or Everything at Group Price – 814-495-0008


Freddie Mata says:

great song
and im serous too

Krisz Krs says:

man why do u put the pioneer efector on the speaker ? all the shocks get
inside the efector and the tiny electronics inside got destoryed …

chase todd says:

$320 for the subs

Pauly Valenzuela says:

you still selling this?

Isaiah Furrow says:

Sorry you had to sell it, hope you’re doing well, wherever your path has
taken you…. Looked like a great setup…. Peace…

nax247 says:

ill buy the ttm57sl and the technics for 1500$ paypal

Alex Ceniceros says:

how much for the mic ???

nicholaspappas84 says:

I fixed the number will be around all day tomorrow kinda would like to see
what happens on evay but we can talk 8149540008

colby kopi says:

can i have it

TremaniMusicGroup says:

What will you give me for $400-I really don’t care what it is. Thanks-

David Beas says:

“The mac is not for sale.” 🙂


All I got in my pocket is gum hmm le me see OOo some toast and 5 nickels

0Blockade0 says:

@clipbrowser lol

pyrokid016 says:

how much for the two wireless mics and receiver?

shescreamsalex says:

how much r u askin for ???

Kevin King says:

wats cst 4 d mixer if u still has it


I will give u £1

alekst1923 says:

damn son you got some coin

Josh Gimben says:

ill buy the equipment but not the speakers for 800 ill have 800 soon

torta2234FSG says:

how much you want it message me back please beacause being a dj is My dream

DaKidJovan says:

r da speakers powered?

Drw cnt says:

I know this video is old but Dam Man you look so sad in this video. I know
how you feel, I had to sell my dj system before.

switchbox69 says:

hey if you still have the rane mixer i have cash and would like to talk to
you asap!!! please call me!! 317-440-3948 that phone number you put on ebay
does not work~~~!!!!

djbradsta123 says:

how much for the turn tables

DJNebzi says:

how much for all


Whenever some1 sells theyre equipment it makes me feel sad cus you know
they gave up. Stop posing posers.

Sound Production LLC says:

r u selling ur MAC too

keepthefaith94 says:

hey i no this sound stupid but i carnt rember what the song is call that
this guy plays could you tell me thnks

Josh Gimben says:

what can you give me for 800?? maybe 1000 by the time i get it

rikzel says:


djjoep100 says:

man do not sell your turntables i have 4 of them the 1210 m5g i will never
sell them

abqballerz says:

How much for everything but the speakers and mixer?

jamesjohnson911 says:

i want to buy it

ezequielprimeromez says:

how much for everythinq ?

iipubstarii says:

How much for all

Cash Lane ENT. says:

why is that the macbook is not for sell but everything else is I always
want that laptop make sure everything is probably working condition damn
man like everything is not for sell

Omar Talaat says:

y r u selling ur gear

Ronan Gormley says:

i will give you £7000 for it all


How much for the Technics Turntables with the Rane 57 ? And solid price for
jusst the Technics turntables! 🙂


For all

clipbrowser says:

by the way man , why are you selling all this?

mrfaithfull1 says:

what u still have for sale?

Pierce Wilson says:

He said the mac was not for sale in the beginning

Ben Seh says:

kind of depressing how your selling everything

Airsoft XRT says:

im interested in the technics how much for both of them??

Matias De La Flor says:

what type of gigs did you dj?

dusshan1 says:

@TOXIKMUZIQ whenever i see vids like makes me more addicted to
music and producing and djing. i sometimes see myself like 50 yrs behind
pioneer CDJ Ultra brutal 10 000 in 2040 and still having fun 🙂 hope i come
someday to that level. its like your wife says hell are you going to play
this night again? ;p

Epic Gamer says:

any thing left? if so what and how much

suck it says:

What is love baby dont hurt me haha 90’s flashback

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