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Dj Juicy M :
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1- Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers – Get Lucky (eSQUIRE Bootleg)
2- M83 – Midnight City (DJ Tool)
3- Henry Fong & Toby Green – Revival (Original Mix)
4- Martin Solveig – I Want You (Laidback Luke remix)
5- Pelari – Cango (Original Mix)
6- Tujamo – There It Is (Original Mix)
7- Michael Woods – Clanga (Original Mix)
8- Steve Angello – Yeah (Original Mix)
9- Powers That Be vs. Roland Clark – Planet Rock (Acapella)
10- Swanky Tunes – Blood Rush (Original Mix)


Andrew Womble says:

Meh nothing special here. If this were a dude, nobody would give a fuck.
You can hear the same shit played by dj’s with the same skill in any club
in every city on the planet. It just proves that a great set of tits will
take you far in life.

Wong Guan Hao says:

Ok I got a very important question? Is this real Djing? If not, what is
real djing? Because this girl doesn’t look like she knows what she is doing
and just trying real hard to dance lol. Ps idk anything about djing but i
would say that she’s not really djing but just changing music lol

GB3770 says:

To everyone who says this is easy or no skill – where is YOUR video of YOU
doing this?

I always ask this of the haters and guess what they never have a video –
what a surprise!

Kyle Aye says:

I just came here to get a glimps of what this girl looks like. Turn off my
computer. Masturbate. And then move on with my life.

Fuse Frames says:

If you look closely you can see her invisible headphones 

Bwoy OhneName says:

lol shes dont mixing realy …..its all modern equipment with beatcounter
full automatical pioneer cd-players with automatical pitch and beatcounter
….all what she must do is move the volume-control on the mixer 😀
…..ok its for the mases i understand and the mass will see only a hot
girl on turntables and will say wow she is so cool ….. mindfucking for
the mass 😀 ….thump down

Megan Ft.UkuLilly says:

Whether what she’s doing is easy, or what she’s doing is difficult, is this
mix not SICK!?! I don’t listen to it because I care about how she mixes, I
listen to it because it’s a good assortment of songs… can we all just
listen to the damn music?

ErosionSwordz says:

Just some regular bitch trying to become famous.

rayan says:

just a bitch playing with her boyfriend gear…
not being sexist, it might be her girlfriend gear, but I just really don’t
like her….

Nic Ker says:

what’s the last 

Pavel Gráf says:

Letní žánr: “Hej pane diskžokej …” 😉


Brad W says:

no headphones…..sync button. The equipment is the one doing the djing.
BUT she does have a good song selection and shes pretty damn cute. 

Hymerej C says:

oh wow you can play other people’s music and blend it…*yawn*. be sure to
keep pulling away form the knobs like they burned you, and dancing around
like it adds talent to this. people do a hell of a lot more on way less

Green Drn says:

-_- i moje babička by toho udělala víc

VextGnome says:

Yeah she does know what shes doing, stop hating, at least shes put time and
effrot into it, shes got multiple CD’s, shes been on tour so she clearly
has fans, idiots.

FunnyGamingHD says:

ik wil later ook een dj worden!!!!!

Levolution Entertainment says:

erm…. why backspin with the gain down? the audience can’t hear whats in
your headphones, oh wait…. you don’t have any. is this a pre-planned set?

Jonathan Cane says:

0:19 what’s the song?

TiG Swoopster says:

Anyone who hates, please direct me to your video, I’ll judge your abilities
against hers. If you’re far better than her, I’ll hear your opinion, until
such time….kindly STFU, I’m listening to the music, and falling in love
here, you’re killin the vibe.

DJ MeTalliX says:

Hmm, auto-syncing, no headphones, eh?

TheMaverickUK says:

i mean one before swanky tunes

Anderson Martins Rodrigues says:


kroxxzee DeeJay says:


Neskay4Game says:

Todo el equipo que tiene, 5400 euros.

ForcaBarca10i says:

I just don’t understand people hating on these videos because she “isn’t
mixing in the right way”.

I could not give 2 fucks about how she mixes her songs and what tech she
uses, the ONLY thing that should matter is how it sounds, and this is

Absolutely love the section from 1:30 onwards, great job.

Fenr Oystein says:

Wow, so much rage over a female DJ. I say its pretty good… But would be
more impressive if it was actually vinyl. Quite rare to see much of that…

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