DJ Kittens Scratching away on Decks

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They may only be kittens, but these little guys know how to SCRATCH!


Silva Squirel says:

can we have more of this? says:

Better than Guetta!

Margaret Nahmias says:

Cat scratch fever

Sir JIM says:

Άμα ψάχνεται για DJ .. 

Nadja Lind says:

kitties teach us how to dj 8-)

Bambos Iguanadon says:

Scratch Purrverts.

Didier J. MARY says:

Kittens and #vinyl


See previous post too:

Tigerman1138 says:

Fox News reported this the morning: The secret of good techno music has
been discovered. Could you imagine these guys at a party when you’re 15 and
its a “boy-girl” party? Food catered by a local place, friends from school,
and… “The DJ Kittens!”

Jeriel Tejano says:

scratching pussy

Gaz McDuff says:
pasquale molaro says:

Masters at work DJ cats. Beautiful……

Shoy Mohr says:

A repeat – but a good one…


Neko Audio says:

This is so cute. :)

NatalieCatLee says:

Cute! Watched it 3 times already, can’t get enough. :D

Misura Stevia says:

Dolcezza è…fare un po’ di musica con i propri amici DJ Kittens Scratching
away on Decks
E voi? avete già caricato il vostro video? Costruiamo insieme il film
collettivo più dolce dell’anno!

Thorbjörn Pettersson says:

I fully agree with thiskory99! :)

augustin jeli says:

i love cats

Wolfgang Pohl says:

Katzen sind die besseren DJs :-D

Stewart Sundholm says:

its basically dubstep

Shoy Mohr says:

Daft Kitten Punk

House Music says:

Play that pussy!!! ;D

Oleandr Films, Inc. says:

I want to see more of this!! More, more!! :)

jmar1973 says:

They’ll be headlining in Vegas soon. 

Puscas Alex says:

Dj Kittens in the mix!

Lisa Menino says:

What are Sean, Meaghan, and Peter up to now? lololol

augustin jeli says:

super . bravo cats

Flor Novero says:

aw, so cute akljdaskjd

Matthew Pitts says:


Michael Pellis says:

to bad its fake

RhinoWarrior Pinkie Pie says:

scratch them good

QuieT Tug says:

Scratch Purrverts.

Brian Paone says:

*Because even a kitten knows how to scratch*

No further comment necessary, save to credit +Ti 辶犭火 Peng 十 豆 彡 with the

artao5 says:

dem kittenz gots skillz yo

diegowfrk1 says:


Evergig says:

Those kittens are good *AMAZING* DJ’s 

thiskory99 says:

This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on YouTube :)

Murals says:

This is so awesome hah

Margarida Andrade says:
Darren Heeney says:

Still better than most electronic music

Janka D. says:

Katzen sind die besseren DJs :-D

FlawlezGamers says:

And that is how being a DJ is easy. 

Murals says:

This is so awesome hah

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