Dj tutor ,Record wobble on your deck?

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Doe’s your 12″ wobble in the middle of the spindel?
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hueymax says:

The paper tightens the hole but wont stop the wobble. I’ve ordered shit
loads of scratch records and most are a pain in the ass cos of wobble. 90%
of records are unsuitable for scratching.

greendaydu74 says:

and for the scratch???

briansredd says:

Ohh Cajual records. Cajmere’s label. Never noticed that on this vid before

theSpiritOfSpace says:

This is only a temporary solution -( since you have to use a new piece of
paper every time you want to play with the wobbling record.

ellaskins says:

Love anything Cajual!!! you must have listend too, Brighter days?

mohasin69 says:

this guy is too good n he knows exactly what he is advicin…..!!! gr8 dude
rock on !!!!!

emkplayboy6 says:

Problem: wobble on your deck? Solution: Get a better turntable! LOL

ocmike34 says:

good tip. i had an old tone loc record and it kept wobbeling when i put it
on the deck. Thnaks J Btw: You had hair?

producerben says:

Are you sure you don’t have a problem with the deck?

TechnoEngineer says:

An easier technique is to use a Post-It note. Place it over the spindle,
and slam your record over the top of it. Voila!

baalpeteor says:


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