DJ’ing for Beginners – Basic Beat-Mixing, using Vinyl Records on Turntables

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This tutorial explains nuances about beat-mixing on vinyl. This is a companion video to a more comprehensive earlier video that talked about beat-mixing theory, and practical beat-mixing on CD players. You can find that first video at:

I forgot to write down track listings when I recorded this video, and right now my records are 6000 kilometers away. Here are partial track listings of the ones that I’ve been able to identify so far, and I’m trying to figure out the others (L/R means left/right deck):

17:00L – Cirrus, “Boomerang” (The Light Remix)
22:30R – Quivver, “Boz Boz” (Central Rush Remix)
23:30R – Breeder, “New York FM” (Van Bellen Remix)
28:00R – Seragaki, “Ryukyu Underground” (Quivver Remix)
34:30L – DJ Fist, “Beat The Drums” (Original Mix)
36:45R – Mike Morales, “Dream Shattered” (Original Mix)

Unfortunately, as of early 2014, YouTube annotations are not visible to mobile viewers, only to users watching on desktop browsers. I use annotations quite frequently to post clarifications and additional information during the video. For the best educational experience, you might prefer to watch this video in a desktop browser rather than on mobile, unless YouTube eventually fixes the mobile annotation deficiency.

This is part of the “Learn To DJ” video series by Jonathan Clark, who is well-known in the industry as DJ Bolivia. To see a list of other DJ-related tutorials by DJ Bolivia, go to:

You can also learn more about Jonathan Clark at these sites:
Main site:
Music Blog:

I also have a video online showing the recording of an episode of my weekly radio show, using turntables. Here’s a link:

That video was produced using the audio feed from my headphones, so it would be useful to a beginning DJ who wants to experience things from the DJ’s point of view. If you’d rather watch the same thing but with the audio feed that the audience hears, watch this video instead:


djbolivia says:

+sam thomson It is definitely tricky when you’re starting! A lot of DJ’s
who are familiar with CD mixing will find they spend a couple hours a night
for several weeks before they’re comfortable. Don’t worry, it’ll get easy
pretty soon, you’ll definitely catch on before too long.

esteban lozano says:

How much does the whole machine cost? 

djbolivia says:

+Justin Pitlik If you’re just interested in playing the music back, just
the turntable and records and a speaker (and a piece of equipment such as
an amp to get the sound into the speaker) are all that you need. But if
you are going to mix songs between a couple turntables, you should look at
buying a “DJ mixer” of some sort.

djbolivia says:

+kezumicreative Thanks, that’s a first.

Oleg A says:

Thank you for wonderful tutorial! I’ve just got my pair of Technics 1200
MK3 and start lerning the basics of mixing and beat-matching. I have a
question – what is “grooveriding” and how does it differ from “common
beat-matching”? I couldn’t find this term in wiki or urabandictionary and
couldn’t get the idea from the video so could you explain it please?
Thanks in advance! 🙂 

officialedbate says:

You say respect DJs who hide their playlists, but surely they are just
denying publicity and credit to the artist who actually made the track?
Nice vid anyway

DJMagic Lesman says:

hi DJ Bolivia thanks for video,i have a bit problem when im play long track
like 7 min house mix,with serato my records on the getting dusty on
records,Always,I have not idea where this dust come from,Have u any idea?
hope hear soon,regards,Magic

Pat Chooley says:

That New York FM track is amazing to kick start any set. 

michel c says:

hi, i have a pair of synq xtrm-1s, can i slow the vinyls down by touching
the sides of the jogdwheels? (without being bad for the motor)? nice
videos! appreciated!

Bas Kooij says:

really usefull video! but where do you buy your vinyl’s? 🙂 

Taren says:

This is cool. You’re a pretty good teacher! I’m planning on trying this out
as soon as I am able to. And trust me this has helped loads!

0AgarAgar says:

thanks; great video!

Alan Griffith says:

thanks so much man, ur a hero- patient and helpful. One question, @ 28.55
onwards the dialogue box says to brush the platter aswel as adjust the
pitch, if the platter touch is only temporary then why do it at all? Save
touching the platter at all? Or am i missing something…is it just to know
urself which direction the pitch slider needs to go??

Spyro d says:


Leandro Matias says:

thanks so much Man!!!!!

BonnyLads says:

what is the complete cost of all this equipment in usa?

arod2211 says:

I just started mixing with vinyl the other day and I was clueless as to how
to cue and I ended up ruining my needles. I bought replacements for them
luckily and with this video, I have learned a lot to preserve them and to
cue with vinyl. It was so hard my first time but with this tutorial, I will
be much better off with learning my way to DJing with vinyl. Thank you very
very much for this tutorial. You don’t know how much this has helped me.

Yalma Hana says:

Your taste in Music is really great.

Victor Faure says:

Do you guys recommend to write the original bpm somewhere (like on the
label) ????

Arian van Putten says:

seriously this way of overhead display + having the queue in my left ear
and master in my right ear is really helpful. nice stuff.

dvillalb118 says:

i want old house records like that. looking for classic/throwback house
records, love the hard to find stuff. Suggestions are greatly welcomed and

skillz91745 says:

It hepls u have ur bpm counter player

Corky_Butcher says:

I was always taught to balance without the cover? Otherwise you get a false
weight. Also, is there any reason you didn’t zero the dial after balancing?
Then choose the desired weight? Just curious

MusicCharts TrendingHits says:


Davie Gil says:

Sorry meant to post the link

Tmi0 says:

The 1st song is “The Light” version/remix of the Boomerang by Cirrus – in
case you’re still wondering :)

DiscoBeto1970 says:


Davie Gil says:

Yes your right, just had a look on Discogs, there’s a few copies for sale,
very cheap for limited edition, not sure about yours being a re release,
agree it was popular though have a read in the notes on this link, states
2000 copies aswel 

junkegable says:

spinning vinyls looks so challenging! must need a good sense of rhythm,
can’t wait to get started!!

Bpm Supreme says:

cool man thanks !!

Cheers !
Bpm Supreme Record Pool

St John says:

Sorry to bother but I am completely clueless. I want to buy a turntable
where I can play all my old Vinyl records and be able to scratch them or
use it to scratch on my computer using Logic/Virtual Dj. What do yall

Gustavo Gomes says:

traaack names

DJSECURITY2014 says:

Hey Nice Mixing, what are the name of the tracks that you are useing in
this video?

Jefferson Stone says:

Just watched the whole video and thought “The old days of beginners
djing”.. But this has somes it up because i still dj now as using the fader
in the middle, mix with the channel faders!!. I started off with belt
drives Owned 3 Sherwood,Soundlab and Numark… Now owned 2 pairs of
directdrive tables Gemini PT200s (14years since 2nd hand) and Technics
1210s Mk2 (12years old original Since Brand new) over 20years of djing but
im no pro dj just good enough to rock a party 🙂

By the way love to get hold of some of those tunes you`ve played cos they
were o great to listen to :-D

Marco Reccagni says:

Thank you

SaucyBegger25 says:

its killing me listening to the beat slightly out :s and I cant do anything
about it AAAHAHHHH

Davie Gil says:

Hi Jonathan, hope your well, thanks for the list below, breeder New York fm
is a class tune, to be honest when you replied it was a favourite back in
the day, I didn’t realise that was 14 years ago, was. In my late 20’s when
it was released, time flies when your lost in music, was there not a
limited amount of copies released of it ? Few hundred or so ? 

sam thomson says:

i really need to make some progress with my vinyl mixing ! have had my
turntables couple of wweeks now and have only had about 4 hours on em but
have been djing with ndx400’s for 2 years now and can beat match .thaught
id get on the turntables and be able to do em easy! but cant seem to beat
match with em theyre only numark tt200’s .any advice ???????????????? 

Daniel Torres says:

You have magic hands and fingers,I have been following your videos. I’ve
just started spinning a couple months ago, I bought a Traktor controller
although my goal is at least one turntable and two cdj’s.
Any video can help regardless of the equipment.

Thank to your videos my ears and head are starting to separate beats and
rhythms little by little. You are a very nice person and a great mentor.


Weeniall74 says:

Would love to know the name of the second last track you played, it’s

fernando moran says:

do you mind if i make a rresponce video for this one ?


i find when you’re setting the weight of the cart ,screw the weight back so
it is level with the back of the tonearm then reset the dial on the tonearm
weight back to 0 then turn weight to what the cart specifies and when
setting the anitskate use a blank sided record with the needle on it as you
move the antiskate while the record is playing it will find the correct
setting by staying in the one spot and not skate across the blank sided
record the closer it gets to the start of the record the better. i also
find that slip mats also have an affect on the set up of the decks ..i
prefer a heavy slip mat so i have to alter the height of the tonearm too ,
but if if you are just in to beat matching the tonearm should be level (use
a small spirit level) but if your in to scratching set the height higher
and take the tone arm weight off and reverse it so you don’t have the dial
at the front which means you can get more turns on it to put more pressure
on the needle to keep it in the groove more as for slowing the record down
i find it best to ride the pitch control back and forth till you find the
correct tempo , but if your not too comfortable doing that i suggest
forefinger and thumb to apply a small amount of pressure on the spindle of
the deck and rotate them to the opposite direction i find it less intrusive
and more less noticeable if you are in the middle of a mix that seems to be
running out of sync than if you touch the platter or touch the record and
as you slow the record down adjust the pitch at the same time .

Lythforce2 says:

What does “not driven by a pullie/pully” mean?

gzussturbo says:

I’m really wanting to get into djing. I started by wanting to learn how on
CDJs, but the more I learn about DJing, the more appealing old school
vinyl spinning seems. I’ve been looking at the Stanton STR8-150’s. What
kind of mixer would you recommend?

Jemil Payet says:

when i touch the record to cue a track the platter slows down slightly
because of the pressure, im just putting enough pressure on the record for
it to stop spinning on the slip mat. Is this meant to happen or is the
platter meant to stay at the same speed when touching as not touching the
record? Could it be because i have bad slip mats? i have the thick stanton
ones. Also, would this damage the direct drive mechanism?

nicholas charlier says:

Thanks for this, nice see to the basics again. Also a couple of those
tracks were great!

ahmed tajouri says:

Breeder – New York FM (Van Bellen Remix)

Sami Haapamäki says:

that track in 32min SICk BASS!!!

bruno coelho says:

thank you for your video help me a lot . 

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