Gabry Ponte mixing 25 SONGS in 3 MINUTES !!!

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Gabry is playing with:
DJM-900 nxs M; CDJ-2000 nxs M; RMX-1000 M
Special Thanks to Pioneer Italy
Michael Corradi e Roberta Bontempi

Video by Alex Bufalo
Special Thanks to:
Walter Rolfo & WoW media, Anna Graf, Paolo Caputo, Luigi “Dr. Louis Manetta” Falcetto, Francesco Fracchioni, Roberto “Bellavita” D’Arcangelo, Davide Gneri, Irene Gittarelli

1. Atom – Nari & Milani
2. Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia (acappella)
3. Just one last time – David Guetta ft Taped Rai
4. Party rock anthem – LMFAO
5. Fireworks – Katy Perry (acappella)
6. Rattle – Bingo Players
7. Gangnam style – PSY (acappella)
8. Who Said – Planetfunk
9. Make some noise – Chuckie & Junxterjack
10. The Doors – Roadhouse Blues
11. Insomnia – Faithless
12. Caught, Can We Get A Witness? – Chuck D from Public Enemy
13. One more time – Daft Punk
14. Satisfaction – Benny Benassi
15. We no speak americano – Yolanda Be Cool
16. Infinity – Guru Josh Project
17. It’s Like That – Run DMC
18. Hung Up – Madonna
19. Pink Floyd – Another brick in the Wall
20. Swedish House Mafia – One
21. Scream & Shout – Will i am ft. Britney Spears
22. Levels – Avicii
23. Just dance – Lady Gaga (acappella)
24. Sweat – Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta
25. Harlem shake – Baauer


Gabry Ponte says:

2milioni di views: achievement unlocked.

✌ 😀 

Alex De MooreTV says:

Song 1:10 Please

Sim Jie says:

Not bad(not very good too)…I consider this as performance level. 

Julian Vogel says:

What reagular people see : expensive setup great songs
What a dj see : all songs without the same bmp, sync, gain to high 

Jan Puig says:

That’ amazing!! I want to see some Dj’s that are on the top of the Dj Mag
Top 100 making this

David Pokorný says:

Whats the name of song starting at 1:27…I think it’s from Tiesto but i
can¨t remember

SpyrusGaming says:

2:00 Song name plese !

潘雷獸 says:


kevin Psx says:

un saludo
djmarcos.chile.chillan :)

ALE 02 says:

2milioni di views: achievement unlocked.

✌ 😀 

Adam WaRiat says:

koleś nieżle wymiata pozdRo

zahar619 says:

506 DJ Dislike :D

Slay says:

What’s the music that starts at 1:29?

Beven Lan says:

he is fast! but DJ skill just okay…

Marco Faltoni says:

Con i punti impostati da Rekordbox lo fanno anche bambini di 4 anni.
Praticamente i 2000 diventano campionatori. Senza punti preimpostati ci
vorrebbero le cuffie e molta concentrazione. Nulla toglie alla
professionalità di Ponte, bravo produttore e bravo DJ, ma questa è solo
pubblicità, specchietto per le allodole. Io 30 anni fa facevo le medesime
cose con il Campionatore Casio FZ1…

hugo osorio rodriguez says:


☢ Bymiqui13 ᴳᴬᴹᴱᴿ | COD con un buen CODmentario! :D says:

Fucking boss!!!

Pri yon Joni says:

And the ignorant DJs say, “the sync button is the end of the art of DJing”

Submersed24 says:

Avicii levels with lady gaga just dance should be a song. It actually
sounds amazing

cucki billy says:

bestialeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!

itsDeeJayy says:

stop screwing up the dj scene! peope are gonna think that this guy got dj
skillz but it isnt!
pioneer just screwd up the dj scene :S

esteban piro says:

un genio¡¡¡

Haruki Kurosawa says:

All hot cued and synced i dont find this too hard if you know the function
and use creayivity

李和平 says:

谁知道歌曲中的00:01:56:00 – 00:20:13:00 之间的歌曲

Simone Calatè says:

Tecnicamente il migliore 😉 

Deborah Fabbri says:

c’è poco da di ha i controcoglioni

zod965 says:

sbavo per la console..

Jānis Strupis says:

song ar 2:01 pls

TNGProjeto says:

E vocês achando que ser dj, é só apertar o sync, aham senta lá filhão ! 

Morgan Wyatt says:

Whats the song called at 0:45?

The KK Channel says:



Geil wie lange machst du das schon? Ich weis das ist 

Will Boer says:


Didier SAnchez says:

0:30 song??

djmako says:

Viva italia il campione e gabry ponte

Thunder Dork says:

I want to learn this mans art so badly!

Biboigin º says:

music starts at 1:42

takachi07 says:

Gabry ponte!!! El mejor!!!!!!!

J00N1 says:

Putting so many songs together is not about skill, its about preparation.
But many songst dont fit at all …
I guess it took very long to prepare this set. He could have done soemthing
better during this time.

Mikey V says:

Very awesome

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