How to hook up DJ Equipment From Mixer to Crossover then to your Amps How to hook up DJ speakers How to hook up a crossover Crown Xti Power amp

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Derek Stan says:

I’m setting up my first rig for home use. I’m using a Tpro Hybrid
Amp/Preamp(Dj Or Home Amp) & a Harman Crown XLS1000 to run my mains. Any
way, The Tpro preamp out is Left/right RCA Jacks, The XLS ins are RCA
phonos & XLR. Witch one do I use to connect the preamp too? I’m asking
before I spend 20$ on a RCA to XLR cable & blow the inputs on my XLS!
THANKS IN ADVANCE for any help!!

jamaican flavour says:



Thanks bro just ordered a crossover for my set cant wait to try it.

topnot4531 says:

yes u can…just select full range on ch 1 for ur tops, and a low filter on
ch 2 for ur subs…it should work fine

acrock21 says:

how do you hook up the maximizer

pete rod says:

i learn everyday, tnx, anybody out here could help me out, how to link up
my equipment, i’m running my laptop with traktor, but what should i hook up
first? i have a dbx eq, ashly crossover, and art big bottom 104(is not an
amp) i know the amps go last but wich one of these units go 1st then 2nd

DJKJSeph says:

What if I have a powered Mixer. I have a PMP2000?

Charlie Lauza says:

Thanks men .. 😀

Jason Brantley says:

Thanks man! I’ve been wondering if I’ll need a crossover and most websites
had way more than I was asking.


Yes I strongly Agree With You On This One , He should Make A Video About It
! -Louie Mixx


hey man great vid, quick question tho …. i have an xti 2000 runnin two
jbl 115’s and i’m lookin to buy two jbl 118s subs but i dont wanna spend a
fortune on another amp right now … is there any way i can run all 4 units
off of the one amp using the built in crossover feature until i get some
money to play with and buy another amp ??? thanks

xMrAngelZx says:

i watched and read everything but i still didn’t get it cause they
explained it with too difficult speach. Thank you for explaining so simple.


i live in a apargtment, can i just use one PA sub woofer and and 2 small
1000 watt speakers? also getting some mids nd horns/scoops in the mail.
Also i will need cross over with my set up?

Orlando Cruz says:

Can you please tell me how to hookup a SKP VZ-6FX Mixer to a Crown LPS 2500
and to speakers because I’m going crazy!!! Can’t figure it out and I’ve
looked all over how to do this and gotten nowhere.

itsj1train says:

Thats how I do mine,,,good job, and yes out of sync sucks, the best is
mono, in my experiance, Time aligment is the best,,,My KV2 audio is that
way, all built in. You will actully hear the difference,,,,,Hit me up
sometime ill chat with ya somtime about it!!! Great video

Sherb3rts says:

did anyone else notice the dead pixel in the camera…i thought it was it
computer…is it??

DjBash says:

If you are looking for a good amp thats cheap, Check out Seismic Audio they
have awesome products i got my speakers and amp from them and its amazing !

Lance Watt says:

Oooo I need a shave! Quote of the week haha! Nice one.

kylebike128 says:

you always help

nypdcar1 says:

very good video DJ A-L

leeon hashrat says:

hi. i was gone away from djing for like 2 years and i forgot how to set it
up.. i hooked it up before but forgot and my mixer only has a/v ports and i
have an av port cable to the 3 dot connector thingy and my speakers only
have the ports for the big headphone jack.. so what do i do??

djmarioproaudio says:

props! nice video for the beginger!!

SonidoDj Carino says:

you get what u pay for my friend had the samething hapen to his to him it
wasent worth repair in it, if you go to a gear shop check out the more
expesive brands check out how much better and sterior the nobs are good

love2sex2girls says:

can i run 2 tops and 2 bottom speakers on 1 amp help me how to set it up if
i can

Detc0re says:

Whats a Crossover? what exactly does it do?

libread1 says:

Steward i need a diagram how to hook up my sonic maximizer with my
crossover and 2 amps,1 for my highs and mids and 1 for my i come
out the mixer into the maximizer first?

Maxsdiscos says:

I believe you. There are loads of different systems, ways of wiring, and
two types of power (active and passive).

DJ incredible-c Goodwin says:


Bryd3n says:

so do you send the signal to the mixer? and can i use a laptop? im powering
2 subwoofers with one amp and i have a mixer / crossover / poweramp .
please help ! 🙂 im 16 and i need to figure this out asap!

18coltsfan15 says:

I have 3 amps (power amp, mid, and low, plus a crossover… how would I
link the amps? is it done about the same way as running the crossover in
“mono” mode?

tjtechie08 says:

if you have active speakers do you still need to come out of the crossover
in a hi amp or can u go from the crossover right to the spacker

daleanthony711 says:

I need your help i brought some dj equiment but was unable to hook it up.
The equiment i have is a bbe 882i behringer cx3400 crossover also behringer
pro fbq3102 eq numark mixer with rca jacks behringer ep200 amp beh.ep4000
amp also two 18in woofers two 12in mids all behringers helpppppppppppppp

topnot4531 says:

hey man….with the crown XTi u dont need a cross over for ur SUBS 😉 its
integrated new technology is eliminating crossovers

stewardsproductions says:

Your Welcome


mixer and power amp has 1/4 jacks

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