How to Operate a DJ Turntable : Why Buy a Technics 1200s Mark 2 DJ Turntable?

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This model is the industry standard for disc jockeys. Learn more about different turntables for DJs in this free turntable lesson from an experienced disc jockey.

Expert: Justin Cohen
Bio: Justin Cohen is a disc jockey from Northampton, Mass. He has DJed regularly at public and private functions since 2004, and held a weekly radio show on Valley Free Radio WXOJ from 2005-2007.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso


TrowbridgeHardcore says:

came out in the 80ies? i dont think so, expert my ass

TrowbridgeHardcore says:

@Gisatan if you bothered lookin it up before you commented you would see
that the mk1 (plastic hifi version was released in 1972 and the MK2 was
released in 1979. “When in doubt – stfu.” think ive out done ou on that one
so Fuck You Twat

NormacHC says:

Stoned all the way……

Gisatan says:

@TrowbridgeHardcore They DID come out in the 80’s, dude…. When in doubt –

Donald Choi says:

lol how was that joint?

moneshmahtani says:

He sounds like a douchebag

dhdh111 says:

such bs

ivan4562686 says:

HEYY 0:01

Jose D Gonzalez says:


DeliverLikeUPSTrucks says:

this guy is a twat.. you wack nigguh!

SerjTankianGoddess says:

lol spider from school of rock

vinyljunkie07 says:

Technics all the way man! Actually the Mk2 came out in 1978 and had a major
revision in 85 (Changes to the rubber base etc) Also you can fit SME and
rega arms on them which if by doing so will beat many so called hi-fi
audiophile decks, cos the funny thing is a lot of lathes that cut records
will also use a Technics DD SP motor

cmoney333 says:


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