Juicy M & 4 decks

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My first ever experience of playing on 4 decks at the same time @ prodj shop (http://www.prodj.com.ua/).
1. Juicy M Intro
2. Matt Caseli & Danny Freakazoid – Raise Your Hands (Original Mix)
3. Jewelz, Scott Sparks – NYMSN (Original Mix)
4. Moby vs. Empire Of The Sun – After A Dream (Tommy Trash Bootleg)
5. Chris Lake – Ohh Shhh (Club Mix)
6. Diplo & GTA – Boy Oh Boy (Original Mix)
7. Major Lazer feat. VYBZ Kartel – Pon De Floor
8. GTA & Digital Lab feat. Henrix – Hit It! (Original Mix)
9. Lunde Bros – Can You Feel It (Original Mix)
10. W&W & Ummet Ozcan – The Code (Original Mix)
11. Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd – Apollo (Original Mix)
12. Krewella – Alive (Acapella)
13. Krewella – Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix)

More mixes on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dj-juicy-m
Don’t forget to like my fan page: https://www.facebook.com/djjuicym


Alejandro Sanchez Brito says:

1 No headphones ,2 Only 2 decks at the same time , 3 Off key . 4 No pitch
used, 5 All tracks at 128 bps. Pre-ser routine + Sync. You may fool most of
people but not real DJ´s.

Datfrogaming says:

Just a quick question…was she actually beat matching or just using the
sync button? In new and i know that many people have their own opinions
about the sync buttons…I wasnt sure if she could be beat matching when it
seemed like her decks were set to scratch. Like i said i have no idea and i
would love to know what she was doing!

jay harris says:

Whats the song at 1:50

rio evi says:

female dj’s are the worst

MichaelParkerPRODUCTIONS says:

Decks Arent even turned on. Fake & gay

TheChrisgrk says:

What the fuck… this chick is absolutely insane! Why doesnt she play
tracks this heavy in her juicyland mixes? and when she hit that dubstep at
the end I literally fell off my chair! I would imagine that is what heaven
would look and sound like XD


con los CDJ2000 y el programa de Pioneer Rekordbox es más fácil hacer las
cosas ¿Verdad Juicy?…. En el software marcas los temas, como los CUEs y
te reconce los BPMs con gran precisión. Puedes marcar los hot cues y los
loops. Luego lo exportas todo a un pendrive. Los CDs los puedes conectar en
línea, los 4 entre sí, y luego, con un sólo pendrive puedes cargar los
temas y todo lo que le has marcado en cualquiera de los 4 cds (aunque aquí
se vea claramente que solo usas 2)…en fin…Aprovecharás tu imagen para
engañar a unas cuantas personas ciegas , pero menos mal que no todos somos
bobos…!!menos mal!!

Nacho Sanchez says:

Claro, y sin auriculares mete los temas en el momento justo para
pincharlos, esto es mas faslo que un billete de 4 euros. Y no es porque sea
una chica, que las hay muy buenas, pero este video no hay dios que se lo

Trieu Tran says:

Lol, I have never seen a girl DJing,

Mihai Blaze says:

uhm, okay…so where is the mp3 track playing ? it doesn’t look like she s
doing much, in fact , no dj’s are..just like skrillex uses a LAPTOP and
WINAMP, lol!

Trafny Herbatnik says:

She is not even a DJ, or you can call a DJ everyone who uses Winamp. She is
just a pathetic girl that only pressed play button. So pathetic girl,
pathetic sound, pathetic clip. Conclusion- Go back to your shitville you

Agustin Mansilla says:


Fajar Nur majid says:

song name?

Алексей Кошман says:

НЕ понимаю кто считает их невъебенно талантливыми людьми…..ТЫ СЦУКА
возьми рояль и сыграй “Вальс Смерти”…..вот тогда я буду аплодировать

EngineeredTruth says:

So many “would-be” DJ’s hating on her that have 0 uploads on their channel.
Are they hating or are they jealous? :]

TheUnderdog6 says:

Can someone tell me why is she famous?I mean really,is there someone who
thinks that she is good dj?coz if you like boobs you can find better stuff
on the Internet,so i dont see any reason why is she famous

Uğur Uysal says:

Türkler nerdeeeee Türkleeeer 😀 ? 

Terrance b says:

she sucks dick

Mr.Fill_Bananas says:

i should invite her too my party at home :D

Jason Jay says:

But can she cook

LMStar Leonid says:

Хорошо режет музыку

Chico Forquilhas says:

People complain about juicy m but at the same time mister big ears himself,
hardwell is the current number 1 dj hmmmm 

★Nykke421★ says:

No doy dislike por que no me guste la música, si no por que primero, no usa
auriculares, segundo, tienen que ser todo mashup para que enganchen como
están enganchados los temas por que nada que ver a como se mueven los
discos, sos una mentira juicy m

Jefferson Rojas says:

que mucica tan buenaa

DjTak3On3 says:

dem titties

xxxMittens says:

man that scratching at the end sounded like shit, also how is she doing
this without headphones? also tits

alex cambisaca says:

fake ansd gay

Derek Plante says:

NO ONE…. and I mean NO ONE…. Dj’s…. without headphones, it’s how you
set up sync and play around without the audience knowing that you’re trying
to look for something or trying something new, she just plays tracks and
bounces her tits… yay DJ? Guess we’ve really watered down the term Dj
and can I also say those “decks” if you can call them that are wedding Dj
shit IMO…. get some Technics and run Serato or FFS at least Numarks….
I’ve used those and poor response time, no scratch possibilities… ZERO.
So, all in all, nice tits?

Rasmus says:

yeah good DJ skills, thanks Pioneer for no more needing headphones
now a 3 yo child can Dj, stop being idiots only bcause its a girl mixing

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