Little Known Facts About Technics 1200 Turntables

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Champion DJ, DJ Sam Smite demontrates and illustrates some little known facts about the Technics 1200 turntable at the groundbreaking Higher Ground Record Pool / One Accord DJ Alliance’s INTERNATIONAL GOSPEL DJ CONFERENCE


Ronan Clancy says:

Little Known Facts About Technics 1200 Turntables

frankie28web says:

this guy is a turntable master, a genius, he knows his stuff ;-)

Kenneth Widgeon Jr says:

Im selling all of my DJ on craigslist including 2 Technics 1200 MK2
Turntables. I’ve only done 2 gigs so all of the gear is pretty much new.
The turntables are slightly used but work perfectly and have had custom red
and white RCA ground wires installed. Check the craigslist link below for
more info.

Siana Gearz says:

Whoa, that gimbal is dirty, real dirty. Must have not been washed for at
least a decade and a half. He doesn’t LOVE his turntable.

Jake P says:

Its funny, cause everyone was correcting him!

The word he said most, is “umm”

Also i found what ever he said, people would either repeat after him.

No offence i didn’t really learn anything, By the sounds of people there,
there were agreeing with him, like they have heard it before. So idk. 

Joseph Ozan says:

“these four dots right here…..that helps “collaborate” your turntables.”
Ummmm……okay?? Oh……you must mean calibrate……..helps to know
what your talking about when giving instructions! Btw, thats “common
knowledge” Stopped watching following this brilliant remark……..

Siana Gearz says:

I can smell the air of sarcasm in the air.

Harry Lolp says:

its just a black guy showing off his cool turntables calm down

frankie28web says:

i put dat thing on da platter and it turns man. tis thing is a record
player, um.

Mitt says:

heh heh. funny

mikenine14 says:

yeah 2009. put the needle on the record, put the needle on the record put
the needle on the record when the drum beat goes like this.

L. Damian says:

He said “collaborate” instead of “calibrate”. lol
I’m going to calibrate with my friend on a DJ set but 1st I have
to collaborate my turntables. lol :D

jblai05 says:

oh my. If it sounds like BS it probably is. the ‘Dots’ are “offsets?” not
balanced? How about Platter speed? “Who Knew?” Your ears, maybe? No one
ever turned knobs to change the platter speed, saw the lights and dots go
backwards and forwards along with the pitch of the music? The antiskating
info is just wrong, nothing to do with Speed. Wikipedia actually has a
decent description.


New dj school dont teach that? Wow 

Jamie Hayman says:

This is an example if a table owned by a DJ that you Do NOT want to buy
Just by the way he handles it..

Flick Cogswell says:

A seminar for illiterate retards, blind leading the blind, an example of
the dumbing down of America, product of union run public education…..blah
, blah , blah.

naturalmystery says:


Corky_Butcher says:

I expected “Little Known Facts” I got a dummy’s guide to a turntable. Come
on, these are the basic, basics.

mangaman420 says:

ive ben a dj since 96”. this guy is so far behind and full of mis-info,
its amazing . everyone knows ortafon makes the best needles .adn the tone
arm height should be set for the best position of the needle you are using
witch should be level with the space between the needle and the recoed

Jamie Hayman says:

Hahahaha I can’t stop laughing at this turkey talking mumbo jumbo….

gerardaven says:

hahaha, hilarious

Cadillacs666 says:

Hahhahahaha. Wow, worst info video ever. People never “collaborate” your
Twelves like he explains or you will ruin precious vinyl. 

Tribal Maddness says:

Reading the manual helps

goatstaog says:

LOL “little known facts” if you were born yesterday.

Giovanni Alvarez says:

It has a certain frequency that’s good for bass, good for highs????
Anti-Skate the speed in which it moves to the center of the platter???
When you’re scratching and manipulating???
Wow!!! who is this guy?
I would never again make a public appearance 

djincred says:

Seems like he knows LITTLE about the facts! If you bought your Turntables
new then it came with an instruction manual that has better guidelines! 

severnRon says:


Shadi Frick says:


severnRon says:

Buffons!! LMFAO!!!

Dave Wright says:

Loser, I hope that’s not the media there watching this is embarrassing to
watch.. If you own a turntable and use it, you know what it does.
Craigslist an extensive tool?

Sloan Taylor says:

I’m embarrassed FOR you my dude. Seriously. 

onemorewipe says:

Please tell me you are not for real?

Jake Blake says:

Your way off-base on the anti-skating. Much better info elsewhere.
But more importantly, don’t upload an informational video that’s more a
recording of people argueing with you….who can hear you? . . .you did us
no favors.

Teri Moore says:


Chip Frenette says:

I do not want to be mean and I do not know everything, but this guy is
giving out a lot of bad information. The only thing that he had any clue
on, was the purpose of the strobes. Do not put too much validity into his

severnRon says:

Antiskate has NOTHING to do with speed.. WTF is this guy talking about????
What an idiot!! 

Sloan Taylor says:

Lost me at ‘collaborating’ your table. And a ‘good dj shouldn’t go past 3
on the pitch.’ 

onemorewipe says:

This is basic shit. Are you for real?

djdefk2 says:

only time your going to really use anti skating is if you use records
pressed at 45rpm! reason being the grooves are wider which causes the tone
arm to drift about usually towards the centre! i use to set my to 3 to hold
it back. not really needed nowadays if you use traktor or serato! even if
the needle jumps it will continue to play from where it left off!

Soulbrother 1 says:

hahaha he has so so def scratch pads

olly murphy says:

His explanation of anti-skating isn’t very accurate.

1988remixx says:

He means calibrate right?

djmmcee says:

152 peeps are suckers

yoitsgiook says:

It’s calibrate, not collaborate. Lol

OgGarcioVega says:

Um, this guy um, is the worst, um….

SunSurfer777 says:

watch?v=eIBtZR941Yw Best description and demonstration of antiskating I’ve

cooldad828 says:

The crowd seems to know more than he does, who dj’s on turntables and
doesn’t know this,

southport97 says:

I’ve been spinning on these tables when most of you were still blowing

anthony markerson says:

He’s just nervous.

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