Pioneer DDJ-SX Digital DJ Controller & Serato DJ Review Video

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The Pioneer DDJ-SX Digital DJ controller is the latest and greatest Flagship (top-of-the-line) professional DJ controller from Pioneer DJ division that offers the most complete control over the newly released Serato DJ software which will replace the Serato Itch software for Serato DJ controllers. The Pioneer DDJ-SX is with the new Second Generation of Pioneer DJ controllers (DDJ-WeGO & XDJ-Aero) which now dawn the new metal-top jog wheels instead of the push-top design, and they all feel like they were built better than the original DDJ’s of a few years ago. Check out my Full HD-Video and written reviews in the link at the top of the description.


Kareem Julien says:

DDJ SB VIDEO!!!!????

Yakini Henry says:

how do play without computer

Creativision02 says:

Hey, great video!
Would you recommend this, over the Reloop terminal mix 8?
Not having a standalone mixer is not my biggest concern.

Dj Mike A.K.A Mighty King says:

Hi how do I desiccative the playpause mode on the Pioneer DDj Sx? when I
click on play the track starts in a slow mode but when I hold the sift and
press play it start playing normal.

Gerald Amirthraj says:

Hi could you please tell me how to use the Sync key in the XDJ – R1. When I
try to use it says “Not Analyzed”

DJ I-RIZE says:

can this be used with scratch live with the scratch box,without harming it

D'Venyce Tribestar says:

Can I map serato ti the DDJ-Sx?

ClectaSkiMusic says:

Salute to you my brother nice review, Just got me the SB, your videos are
very informative! 

ExtremeReviewer101 says:

This Sucks. Compared to DDJ-SR, this is great for the mixer and parts of
the table, but everything else was fucked up. Really, pad plus removed?
that was a pretty cool feature if you ask me. two questions:

1. Is this the upgrade to DDJ-SR?
2. Did you notice that whatever cue you set is the same thing on the other

Michael John says:

By far the best top-to-bottom for this controller…. EVEN better than
Pioneer itself!

analher says:

Ppl just buy (2) 1210 m5g’s and a djm 2000 and call it a day, I promise you
wont regret it… aka Blaze

DJ I-RIZE says:

can this do multi fx

Don Enriquez says:

thanks for the tutorial, by the way, what’s the title of that song you’ve
just played? tnx more power!

Ricky Dayal says:

Nice controller, but the Numark NS7 II is the best, i kno you probably just
got this but as you go along you’ll see what I’m trying to say here. Main
reason i don’t like it the Jog wheels is too stiff sucks if your trying to
spin out a song plus there is a few more things i don’t like about this
controller, i had bought my ddj sx when it first came out i sold it and got
the Numark NS7 II which is a beast of a controller.

spaceorbison says:

nigga nigga nigga lol

OneBlueLight says:

I currently have a hercules rmx2, just got it for a graduation present.
Although I think I can get a little more in depth with djing parties, and
weddings. Thanks a lot for the review! Really considering on investing in
the Pioneer DDJ-SX

TheAirborneCow says:

How does the DDJ-SX compare to the kontrol s4?

Dandral S says:

my DJ equipment plays CDs. where does the CDs go inside the Pioneer? do i
convert to MP3s? guess i download all songs inside Pioneer? or just us
inside my computer???? 

Micheal Matthews says:

I’m wondering, How do you make the jog wheels turn just like on Serato DJ?

1DeathEater says:

Oh my fucking god, that intro was fucking beast!!!!! I love this
controller!!!! MUST GET!!!!!!

Dandral S says:

i have dj equipment that puts out 5500 watts. my speakers are five feet
tall and now i want to add serato. start me from the beginning . Dj

Goth Kid says:

how much does it cost

kindyy says:

I have plan buying one.. Wanna start off great!!

Drum4Chops88 says:

I can’t cue the opposite channel in my headphones for some reason when I’m
listening to Side A i can’t hear side B and when I’m listening to side B I
can’t hear side A so i have to fade in the mix which sucks what do I do?

Liam Heart says:

Best Review of the DDj-SX on the whole internet! thanks

darklord12348 says:


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