Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato Controller Mixer CDJ First Look – NAMM 2014

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Pioneer DDJ-SZ is the ultimate professional Serato controller. The bigger, brighter DDJ-SZ is the first Pioneer controller to closely match the CDJ-2000NXS set-up for the most intuitive, physical scratch performances yet.

The features of the Pioneer DDJ-SZ include full-sized jog wheels inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS, illuminated cue point markers, large Performance Pads with customisable multi-coloured Hot Cue LEDs, and two USB sound cards for ultra-smooth DJ handovers.

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darrian patton says:

the ddj sz is soo over priced

LittleTom says:

of course i get the sx just as a better model comes out…

Bpm Supreme says:

shits dope !

Bpm Supreme Record Pool

Sergio Ayala says:

Pioneer ddj-sz Serato Controller Mixer CD First Look – NAMM 2014

dark2ksystem says:

Yea Can’t wait !!

chip metzler says:

has any one heard of a price?


Good luck with this, but if I am investing in a controller, it has to be
portable like the original flagship machines. The size comparison alone was
the breaking point. There’s no way I would carry this unit to a gig across
the country. I love the SX for that purpose and have played in many out of
town gigs with it. I agree that the sound quality upgrade is a necessity
and would have been great on the DDJ-SX, but that’s no reason for the price
to double! The colored pads and the extra effects seem amateur for digital
djing. The new USB connectivity is not important unless your a venue, in
which case you’d still invest in the flagship machines. I respect Pioneer
and have used their units for over 10 years, but in my opinion the DDJ-SX
still reigns supreme!

dark2ksystem says:

I heard it coming out in march 2014 not May

retrojaxed2 says:

i want it…

beltram says:

thats the business
proper toy

Bruno Bagot says:

Look great, but can you block needle search when deck is playing??
it’s the BIG problem on DDJ-SX…

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