SL-DZ1200 Technics Digital Turntable SD Card Time Codes For Serato,Torq,Traktor,Virtual DJ

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This is a demonstration on using SD Cards as Time Codes for Serato Scratch Live, Torq, Traktor, and Virtual DJ with the Technics SL-DZ1200 Digital Turntable. Please reach out to me if you need these.

SL-DZ1200 owners Facebook group located at


jose luis cañada says:

Would need time codes for virtual dj or disorders conseguirlis be possible

jose luis cañada says:

My disposal the sd card but I need the codes of time where it would be
possible thanks consegirlos

dnlxl says:

fuck this song.

Lucio Junior says:

which inteface (Parent) M Audio is this?

elvis lewis says:

hi can i order these cards from you i need 2x traktor 2x serato thanks…

Lucio Junior says:

Good Morning, I live in Brazil and do not speak English very well, but
wanted to see the possibility of you sending me 2 memory card with the
files needed to do this. I have two sl dz 1200 and would like to use with
virtual dj or traktor know if it is possible? how to send for me here in
Brazil? what is the value? thanks and hug! email

Shawn Witts says:

Oh I almost forgot I just purchased 2 dz1200’s to use with my rane 62 &
would like to make the sd timecodes to use. Please help???

Shawn Witts says:

Hi I need 2 sd cards with serato time code. I have the sd cards but need


thats whats up. your next lesson should be how to use sd jukebox.

vjdave says:

Yes…but there is more to it than that.

djchamath says:

one thing master…you have to use time code version mk2 for new Traktor
Scratch Pro….the older version is not working with Latest Traktor version

gabriel cortez says:

hi, how I can get the time code in SD serato for my technics DZ 1200. Thank

djchamath says:

after i got the sd card from somewhere….but i can use it to play with
Traktor in Mac isnt it?….only the SD card is cant make with mac isnt it?

Stuart Littleford says:

Hi there vjdave. Had these decks for years, and I’m going to start using
them again. Trying to source the sd jukebox software which I take it you’ve
got to save the files to sd card ? I’ve tried downloading the software form
torrent sites but as yet can not get them to work. I have a Panasonic card
reader. Can you tell me where you got the sortware from or if you have it
can you do me a copy ? I don’t mind paying you for this as I’m sure a few
other people will. Cheers Stu.

djsoundmeth says:

give me a shop for card reader for this turntables thanks

gabriel cortez says:

Hello, try looking in my country the Panasonics SD card reader, to create
my timecode, I could not find, is there any other way to be able to create
timecode serato, can you help me please.

Troy Shivers says:

Can I order from you 4 Serato SD Cards. This would help a lot. I ordered
from Amazon the Panasonic Card reader but cant find the software to do it.
Can you send me the link? Thanks for all the info and time making the
video. This helps a lot. Hope I can order from you. Thanks.

Alexandre Olivah says:

HI! I’m from Brazil! I did not find the Panasonic SD Cards reader/writer.
Can you post a link with traktor timecode encrypted for a test in my sd
card? my e-mail:

Filip Eykens says:

Hi, I’m using Traktor Scratch Pro 2.5 with MKII disks. I’m using SD
Jukebox, but with no positive result. It doesn’t see my SD card in SD
Jukebox). The Technics SL-DZ1200 accept the SD card, it can be formatter.
Hoping you can help me?

vjdave says:

I updated the description of the video with a link to the facebook group.

DJ BASS says:

????? So you ripped the time code CD >> Made a MP3 and put it on the SD

dirtbikeq says:

hey where can you get the Panasonic’s SD Card Reader/Writer with Pansonic’s
SD Jukebox software

soundinsurgent712 says:

Could you send me the details on how to get these cards?? Im willing to pay
for them as long as their reasonably priced. Id like to get the Serato, VDJ
and the Traktor timecodes if possible. Also the latest firmware. Thanks for
the time and videos. Hope to hear from you soon.

gabriel cortez says:

Como puedo grabar el code time, en las card SD de 1Giga, ya que lo he
intentado y no funciona.

vjdave says:

If you are going to attempt to make your own SD Timecode cards, you must
use Panasonic’s SD Card Reader/Writer with Pansonic’s SD Jukebox software
which only runs on Windows XP. Message me to tell you how to get them

horsepower844 says:

yep works nicely you people need to order from this chap intead of trying
to make your own, its alot of hassle, trust me i tried and failed and ended
up buying it from someone on the facebook group. when mines started working
i nearly came alll over my decks, i had to quickly move my penis to the
speakers, cus they were loud and the air from the subs moved the semen away
from the speakers into my dogs face. :-(, he licked it and wanted more so
he followed me around for days, he looking at me

Franky D says:

you have a link for the fan page? i dont see none on FB

vjdave says:

@Alex G: I noticed no difference between SD cards and CDs

djchamath says:

let us know the steps to do this when we running traktor on a mac

horsepower844 says:

buddy, you need to monetise this video,

vjdave says:

You need to use a Panasonic card reader/writer to make the SD cards. Using
anything else will NOT work. The SD Cards have to be encrypted. Check out
my other video on youtube called “SL-DZ1200 History”

vjdave says:

Yes you can but I have no idea how to give you the information here.

Alex G says:

Do you notice any differences with using CD time codes vs. SD cards on the

vjdave says:

The software to make the SD Cards will not work on Mac and will never work
on Mac.

vjdave says:

Yes you can but it is hard to give the information here. Join the SL-DZ1200
Fan Page on facebook and I can get you the info for ordering.

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