Technics SL 1200 Review – What is a Turntable? – DEX 101 DJ Tutorial

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An introductory video of a DJ turntable and a review and overview of the Technics SL 1200 and why it’s the best deck for professional and beginner DJs alike.

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Erick Sitter says:

Defacto turntable? Er.. no, for DJ? Yes, it’s hardly the best turntable out
there anymore. Was the best when it came out though. 

MrCreativeBliss says:

Dear jabig my namy is akil, im a big fan of your work and i was wondering
why u have stoped making videos.I want to learn how to be a dj if its still
possible can u teach me

Manuel Maerthfell says:

Something wrong with the strobe light… or maybe a difference betveen the
strobe- frequency and the shutter-time in the camera?

subliminal soul says:


Albert Trollstein says:

something is wrong with your strobe light

Brad James says:

It’s funny how all DJ’s instinctively move their hand to the pitch fader as
soon as the record starts playing.

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