The Best Dj Equipment For A Beginner

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Close ( Visit This Website To Get Started .) When you Visit you’ll have the opportunity to Learn To Dj and Get Started without using a Dj Equipment. Do visit if you’re a Beginner Dj.


Jake222snake says:


DjTornaidoe says:

and monkeys fly out my ass

DjBBKTeeVee says:

this is fake

Ze Cosmic Potato says:

Wow well this sucks

Ingwie Phoenix says:

what. <.< not everyone can use virtualDJ home edition or such crap - like i cant. you wont have the feeling of real djing. and most clubs wont book you if you com along with just a laptop under your arm, saying its your equipment. i didnt click your link, but im plain sure that was one of your ideas. <.<

Babanghans says:

to find somebody to lick horse ass

Dominic Zambonini says:

its true if you wanna sound like a 2 year old

Greg Tank says:

thats a nice red stick you go…. wait a moment that not a stick thats

Vinnie J says:


Davidilktrance says:

Fuckin asshole!

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