The Best DJ Mixer in the World EVER! AMAZING!

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With outstanding features and ground breaking technology we join DJ Tutor (Ellaskins) as we finally review the single most greatest DJ Mixer in the world as voted by the top DJ’s of all time.

Also, special guest reviewer, Rod Stewart shares his thoughts on this revolutionary product, that has already shaped the DJ industry, and music business as a whole.


Omari1125 says:

We dropped it, now its even more limited….lol.

Henry Choo says:

LOL he actually dropped it on the floor! Hahahhaha

ellaskins says:

you need to see your Pioneer DJM2000 nexus and buy this, it has some great
FX, like the screech and buzz sound…lol!

ellaskins says:

need to get one of these!!!

Ben Akin says:

At the beginning of the video, I actually thought they were

frozen says:

I’ve got one here PM if interested selling it for $5,400.

Ville Säävuori says:

“It looks good while it bounces” 😀



dissforlife says:

the cheap numark mixers are unbearable. i should have saved up for the
model with the shock absorbing bendable metal

Dj Ace says:

that mixer sucks

Reticuli says:

Believe it or not, the Gem Sound DJ-5 is one of the best sounding mixers
ever made… especially if you pull a cap off on each phono stage to bring
it down to 100pF. The headphone section is screwed up, but for $20 shipped
it’s an astounding freak of nature.

Nathan Hovey says:

Could i get a link? i wouldn’t mind buying it and i dont see it on your

djinsomnia2012 says:

No Shit, Its called comedy!

steng yango says:

I love that Numark mixer!

selectajay2000 says:

ITs Aliiiiiive!..also if u fart while djing with it, you will get xtra bass!

gyrran says:

i heard that it was designed by david guetta

onlyusernameleft1981 says:

The guy in this video is DJ Chamberlain.

Nemo DK says:

STANART SHIIIIT:…. Who ever the fuck maked this video… go shooot u self
dickface.. All that shiit is reading in the manuel ffs…

getinthemixonline says:

We will be putting this mixer up for sale very soon to the highest bidder
(including Rod Stewart autograph!)

onlyusernameleft1981 says:

The guy in this video is DJ Chamberlain.

davishous1 says:

Is this model on back order? I must have one before it is sold out!

Anthony White says:

Headphone jack in the back lol

Blay says:

fucking thumbs up for that! made me laugh so hard!

danethekid1 says:

Ha ha tha there is the comment of the week tiger!!! Thanx for the laugh

Paul Holzmann says:

WTF. Just got a Pioneer mixer like a month ago, why couldn’t I have seen
this sooner?

MrBohne94 says:

nope he only needs one fader 😀

BobbieKaemperV2 says:



Practice and Destroy, priceless man

DMSDJ1 says:

haha, Numark = FAIL. The design team literally design their products to

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