Turntablist Legend DJ Craze Routine Tracktor Pro and Kontrol X1 Gold Technics Turntables

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DJ Craze murdering it on the Solid Gold Technics turntables (Which he won at the DMC world Championships) This is an insanely dope Scratch routine and demo of the Tracktor Pro and X1 Kontrol Pad. The man is a 5x DMC world champion for a reason and this routine is just sick as hell! He’s Definitely the Man and he’s GOT MAD FLAVOR!


TheInsaneFlame says:

its looks so easy but it isnt

Nordask Dano says:


Miklo Velka says:

I saw them golden turntables i knew he’s gonna be ill

CanadianRandom says:


tre e says:

technics sl-1200gld For Sale on ebay.com

crephotos says:

@121assasin i doubt they are SOLID gold that would be too heavy/expensive

Alpesh Parmar says:

hey frnd I like ur video I wanna ask u which dj application is good gor
android phones email me on lplovemussy@gmail.com tnx and reply soon:)

DJ Emir Mixtapes says:


thebetterhalf37 says:

@retardedandcrazy Win a DMC. good luck yo. ha.

tre e says:

technics sl-1200gld For Sale on ebay.com

freshkryp69 says:


Balance says:


Balance says:

intro is too sick

SaucyBegger25 says:

@121assasin why is he lucky, hes gotta clean em 😉

Uncle Ruckus says:

Id die for them turntables

Billy Pearson says:

This is some SICK shit

Darren W says:

I wish i could do that

Zee Bradfield says:

good assssssss! ! !

D.J. Mickriddleton says:

How could you dislike this? You don’t like the genre? I would love to be
directed to the dislikes and see what they can do. Its only fair. You have
to respect skill and experience or else you are just ignorant.

Nisfornarwhal1990 says:

OH MY days, you ripped shit up dude!

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