World DMC DJ Champion Chris Karns (fka DJ Vajra) on the Rane Sixty-One

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Reigning World DMC DJ Champion Chris Karns puts the new Rane Sixty-One mixer for Serato Scratch Live through its paces.

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MUSIC: “Can You See” – John Herndon/John McEntire/Dan Bitney Bumps (Stones Throw Records)


lydacane says:
Tony Draper says:

Bannanaz!!! Really dope. 

Matteo Gargantini says:


Ruby-J. Mendez says:

Amazing :)

Vaja says:


TheMoulinGlacia says:

i dont like that lowe bass thumping sound near the end-to the end. i like
to hear scratches, not thumps. im just starting to learn and it looks
really fun

Em Kej says:

1:18 – 1:40 best

Clubbin Mag says:

Main… you are surgery accurate! Can u do this with virtual dj?

Waseem Ahmad says:


santiago medina cabrera says:


Theuplifthero2 says:

He must finger ladies great. 

Daized2009 says:

I can do that too, I did it the other night, drunk as hell, from what I
remember I was amazing.

beatzaman says:

Jesus Christ man…..

Joel Hernandez says:

Niqqa is nice

Joel Hernandez says:

Niqqa is nice

MrDemon3434 says:

Gay this is not music 

Mario Mijatovic says:

WOW! that was ill son !!! 😀 

ふぉっくすごん says:


Steve Kimble says:

eeeh, i can do that

Diego Pulido says:

LoL xd

BlowzTgocna says:

OMG! Chuck Norris of music! Damn!

mauricio reina barahona says:

la putería este man

Matt Baird says:

I think u should have won instead of jayceeoh

Raymond Morales says:
VDJ HQ says:


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88madlove says:

mad love 

josh bonner says:


Global Groove Records says:

朱明修 says:
jay43868 says:

Apple fanboy DJ. thats the reason why I hate windows pc

Uncle Biz says:


朱明修 says:

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