worlds best youngest dj music mixer 2011

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worlds best youngest dj music mixer by dj leandro and luc


Spencer Caudill says:

Sounds lik shit. Sorry.

Than Tal says:


Panagiotis Gerasimou says:

Fake fake fake!!!!1000 unlikes

Joshua Rahmlow says:

Fake the Master fader is down and AT the Computer isn’t auf dj Programm. Im
A german dj and i now What i say

Chase Barton says:

It’s fake and I can do better than that and I’m only 12!

joan gonzalez says:

It soo fake he did not move thing to switch the song 

Thomas The Rape Train says:

i’m 7 and i can do better (just kidding i’m not 7)

Cathal Mcsharry says:

alright for his age but have seen much much better only a year or 2 older

Evan Hunter says:


MinePlays LP says:


Evan Hunter says:

worlds worst youngest dj music mixer 2011

Bryson Sidebottom says:

The master fader isn’t down, that’s the iPod volume. The master volume is
the knob to the right to the large one in the center. But yes, this is
fake. It’s a computer based mixer, but there’s no program opened. Either
there’s not a dj program opened, or its minimized. Not trying to be mean or
anything, but I think this is fake personally, because all I see on the
computer is a tree or something as the background.

Noah Lippert Hermansen says:

how old is he

AMV Uploader says:

the same fader is up the whole video

dinamoore32 says:

not good boooo

Hayden Manning says:

Fuck you dude

craftinggamers10 says:

didn’t’t mean to call u Burma I was ment to say but

craftinggamers10 says:

better than some proper dj’s I have seen

hei hade says:

realy bad : one word : fuck !!!!!!

TheSsalty says:

Why is the master fader down? Is this lejjit

paigylou says:

the little kid is joke!! gd luk for the future….

maxun zeez says:

to much of same beat

Deejay TN says:

Not bad, idk why people are being such assholes

GodOfTutorials says:

Stop beating onto your music it’s not even good and how could you call your
self the best youngest dj mixer in the world? Your name wasn’t even in the
record list…

jhon makidudule says:

not bad for a kid at this age

Joe Arquilla says:

He has it. There is a DJ in this kid. Give him a few years, by the time
he’s 15, he’ll be dangerous. All the best.

ReGeX WOLF says:

seems legit, playing runescape while mixing

CoconutzGaming says:

He’s not even doing anything. 0/10; would not bang.

baconhead147 says:

HAHAHA wow that was embarrassing

angus edmunds says:


L says:

He has the same laptop lol

UpTightProductions . says:

give the kid a break, hes like 8…

Nathan Do says:

Wannabes these days

Raul Campo says:

Hes pretty good at sucking dick

GodOfTutorials says:

His using that irritating sample “Put your hands up in the air”

Fernando Herrera says:

You fucking suck kid

Jean-Luc De Beer says:

awe shweet man,, i just got a Pioneer 4 deck,, i havent put any of my
latest mixes on yet but ill try to put them on as soon as possible 🙂

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