Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway – Wizard (Official Music Video) [OUT NOW]

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Spinnin' Records says:

Thumbs up for this awesome new +Martin Garrix & *Jay Hardway* collab!
Here’s *Wizard*!

Paul Fairbridge says:

this guy has copied from Animals, i hope he gets done for copyright 

trolltroll says:

Martin Garrix is awesome and all of you haters can go suck a duck. If you
want to be usefull go and get jelious at Justin Bieber cause he is the one
that sucks balls. Martin Garrix RULZ!!!

VidMasterflex says:

Why does the lead on this one’s drop sound almost exactly like the one from
Animals? Lazy bastards.

Ingrid Soldevila says:

I think people ‘hates’ MG cause people put his music in all the place
anytime! I am wrong?

andres marulanda says:


Music Life says:

Oh Giraffe, you will never learn +psychoticgiraffe 

psychoticgiraffe says:

I wish I was a Wizard but I am a giraffe

Brian Peñaloza Real says:

Rubiuh *0* 



Ğęøřğé Ş says:

I was at a six flags Park near me and there’s tho ride which is indoors.
Last year they played Justin Bieber and it made the ride fucking terrible.
I was forced to go on it again this year and instead of Justin Bieber they
played this song. That was fucking awesome! 

artemio martinez says:

Cool Dubstep!!!

NFLPumpkinKicker says:

Wow, running out of ideas are we? Sounds just like 3 of martin garrix’s

GamerPlays|Road To 500| says:

last one to,reply to this comment wins!

Pabloo TWD says:

Amo esta cancion 😀 es mejor que animals

Ryan mate says:

song name?

Matteo Belfiore says:

Martin Garrix king of house music 3

Youtube says:

Trap and EDM are the same right?

D3ADLYM1DG3T Gaming Channel says:

What’s this song called?

Orange Котейка says:

Hey. Good Video =) Russia,America and England best!!!

Wolfy Love says:

BEST SONG IN THE F*CKING WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arii Acosta says:

MARTIN GARRIX, tamen es mio! +FioO TomlinsOon sabe?

waleed sous says:

song name?

feryuae says:

how can this have 71 million views if there is only 7 million people on
earth? wtf

MrTy0072 says:

Wait he’s only 17 

bob lother says:

i cant understand why people keep putting garrix down, all ive herd is mint
tunes coming from a 18 year old lad, must just be jealousy

rickooification says:

Sounds like Animals, why the music of “Martin Garrix” Its the same samples
and the same style…

Igor Petrović says:

Best rap song ever!

Thank You Nikola Zigic says:


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