Audio Technica ATH-Pro 700 Mk2 Headphones Review

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Audio Technica ATH-Pro 700 Mk2 Headphones Review. In this video I look at these top end pro DJ headphones.

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TheGamingAustin says:

Do these vibrate every time you feel the bass ?

GeForce GT says:

These or M50?

avalanche says:

very nice bass on these, check out my review


the best is the m50x or this ? i need to use for gaming ^^ (and mobile
utilisation) full 3.5mm

Kyōfu-girai says:

Are these better than the m50’s?

Alexooli says:

What about the 700 Mk2 headphones versus the ATH-AD1000X headphones?

Aaron Mason says:

Haha I read the Channel name as Greekanoids 

TheAustinsMusic says:

+wolfdruidkiba I have read numerous reviews. The 700 mk2’s are the people’s
preference. However, there were many concerns on the ear pads being
uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can change it with the m50 pads, which
seems to be the only solution at the moment.

username says:

You don’t talk about the sound quality at all.

LathanCroweTV says:

Thank you for this review! I need a workout headphones after breaking so
many eurbuds. I was.. WAS going to get a Beats by Dr. Dre but realized it’s
just hype (good at bass, but still over hyped). I really like these now.
Looks sturdy. For my video editing setup I use Beyerdynamic DT700 Pro but
for my ipod I think I am getting these or Ultrasone Pro900 but I think
these look so much stronger. Thank you for the nice review

wolfdruidkiba says:

Are they comfy?! Those are the ones I want to buy!

George Patton says:

Technica as in technical, not technika

Matt M says:

you sir have a sexy accent

callthecuzins says:

lawl shhhh u 12 year old, u probs like it up the bum sideways! did u not
read my comment? u loser i explained everything about the headphones and
why there good and bad? lawl go listen to ur “anniversary” “special
editions” that dont sound any different just have gold paint and i think
maybe a lil metal on them. wooop woop

Phoenix Jackson says:

Why can’t I find a review on this against the anniversary version? The
price difference is quite big yet I don’t see more but aesthetics improved.

rkey16 says:

the bass on it is amazing, u can heard it clearly and its not over powered
like the Beats. so u still can hear the softer sounds that u dont quite
notice most of the times.

MrSurs434 says:

Would you recommended buying these over the ath m50

dylz777 says:

Yes they do fit? Ive had them on my PRO700’s for a year now and they havent
even moved.. They fit perfect. And any earpads get get uncomfortable if you
wear them for a while. You could get some softer ones but it would ruin the
bass punch.

Noel Ibarra says:

m50 or these? please reply anybody

ianlaframboi1 says:

i have a pair of audio technika m-50

topsui says:

You can definitely get them online but you can also get them in store but
not in any of the main stores like target

V PUTLER says:

I JUST ORDERED ATH-PRO500MK2 black, from japan, so in a couple of weeks i
should get them, from all the reviews they are much better than pro700mk2,
i hope its true cause they look much better and have same size drives

Christian Langford-Snape says:

Tech-nic-a, only 1 C, not Tech-nic-ca.

Ciastek5000 says:

@dhinojosa94 this!

potatoheadhaoy says:

They’re awesome, but you’ll need a headphone amp (or two).

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