Beats Pro vs Sennheiser HD8DJ vs AKG K267 Tiesto DJ Headphone Review

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Take a look at this comparison that features the new Sennheiser HD8 DJ headphones compared to the Beats Pro and AKG K267 Tiesto.

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Comparison tracks provided by:
Brell and DJ Comish
The Spamtones

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Transcript: Hey this is Brian from Sonic Sense Pro Audio. Right now we’re gonna check out Sennheiser’s new HD8 DJ headphones beside AKG’s 267 “Tiesto” and the Pro from Beats By Dr. Dre.

Let’s take a quick look at each pair and then we’ll hear some audio samples.

The HD 8 DJ is Sennheiser’s premier DJ headphone. The voicing is inspired by the legendary HD 25 with an emphasis on rhythm and beat matching. Metal reinforcement parts give these ‘phones the durability for the most punishing environments.
Let’s take a look at the specs…

AKG’s K267 was designed in conjunction with the world-renowned DJ Tiesto.

These ‘phones feature a unique switchable bass boost that boosts sub-frequencies
for live shows at large venues. For our listening test, we’ll hear them with the voicing set to “stage.” Recording of other settings are available at The Sonic Sense Resource Center.
Here’s the specs…

And finally, the Beats Pro. These are Beats flagship headphones featuring beefy metal construction with rotatable earcups and the signature sound that Beats are famous for.
The specs please…

Since the specs only tell part of the story, we have recorded each of these so you can decide for yourself what best suits your taste and application.

For more details on how we burn-in and record our headphones, click on the spinning head…

OK lets give them a listen…

To hear more audio samples of these headphones in a variety of musical genres, visit our resource center at sonic sense dot com. From there you will be able to access our entire library of demos, comparisons, and tutorials.

Thank you for watching our Beats Pro vs Sennheiser HD8DJ vs AKG K267 Tiesto headphone review!


59fiftycap says:

Another correction: the HD8 DJ weighs 284g, but you put 264g. The HD6 Mix
weighs 264g so you probably got the two confused.

Pluck my Feathers says:

What’s the first song?

Krister Länsmans says:

Did listen to the orginal song of Martell Dyles and it sucked so hard. your
version was so much better. deep and clean bass just like hiphop used to
be. is there any full version of the track somewhere?

science akbar says:

The hd 8dj is a 95 impedance headphone
Ur thinking of the hd6mix

abckookooman says:

What is the name of the second song? It’s really good!

David J says:

Great review! Which cushion did u use for the hd8? There are 2 sorts and
the sound is completely different. The bass is absolutely insane with the
cloth cushion

Dean Clark says:

I’ve never seen a headphone review done like this. This is actually really

ADZCreations says:

I would give the edge to the AKG. Closest to the source. HD8 is very
closely second.

R/ss0ul567 says:

Ok am not realy good with headphones so can someone please tell me which
one is the best plizz am looking for vibrating base and good sound quality
help a bro out..

Kevin Martinez says:

The AKGs and Sennheisers both sounded pretty damn good with the sennheisers
having a slightly more amplified low bass response and the AKGs having a
bit more emphasis on the mid and high bass notes meanwhile the Beats…I
felt like I needed to throw up after hearing them. They sounded awful. The
bass was heavy and muddy with no clear area of precision bass and the mids
and highs sounded like they were coming out of a porta potty. How anyone
can spend 400 dollars on that shite is beyond me. Great work from AKG and
Sennheiser though!

Scott Smith says:

wow, I think we can all agree Beats are pieces of shit.

TechnoStickmen says:

The pros sound like I’m listening to it through a door, yuck

Grant Laiblin says:

Was it just me or was the beats no where near source (at least compared to
the others)

doctorlovera says:

I know I am using a pair of sub 50 dollars headphones but i have tried the
beats pro in a store and they really sound similar to what i can hear in
this recording. To me that´s not quality sound. When I tried them I guessed
somebody had broken them.
I also have a pair of panasonic htx7 and I like them more than the sound
that I heard from the beats.
On this round I give my vote to the AKG
Thanks SonicSense, great work with this video.

Ale Benni says:

haah monster beats is so muddy and punchy…but people loves them design

Obviously James says:

I think the sennheiser hd8 DJ’s are the winners of this test, they have the
most clarity and the cleanest bass response. I did a listening test on
these headphones as well and my choice remains unchanged. In 1st place
would be the sennheiser hd8 dj’s , 2nd place would be the AKG K267′ and in
3rd place would be the Beats Pro. As you listen to the tracks that this
video played when it came to the Beats Pro, it sounded as if you were to
turn down the volume of the highs and mids but leave the lows the same.

Mass40K says:

Beats are just lol

John Cooper says:

Somehow I feel that Beats Pro manage to suck every aspect of music and made
it sound boring.

Matt Meyer says:

Akg wins. Beats Lose.

Martin Godinez says:

What the hell… Beats Audio completely change the way the sounds should
be.. I’m guessing that’s not a good thing.

GeForce GT says:

100000000000000000000. beatsss

NotOrdinaryInGames says:

Looks like AKGs are the most accurate here.

Dreamer2go says:

Seems the winner here is the HD8 and AKG… but I like the HD8 more lol

Kuti Zoltan says:

Personally i own a Sennheiser HD8 and after Sennheiser HD 25 Aluminium i am
not that impressed… I have heard good things about AKG K267 and dont
know… maybe i should try it. 🙂
AKG’s sound quality is seems very good in this test IMO. It was the most
close to the original source.

Dmitriy Nesterov says:

AKG sounds ridiculously good! Just wow…

Prince Leftridge II says:

I have to agree with Dimitry. The AKGs do sound pretty good.

givemeajackson says:

wow, the beats are absolutely atrocious. nothing but bass…

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