Beginner DJ: How To Wear Headphones

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Most DJs are probably wondering why we’ve made a video about how to wear headphones. Its almost like asking how to use a fork. The reason is many new DJs see super star DJs out there wearing their headphones in all sorts of strange positions and have asked us if there is any benefit to it.

So heres our answer, enjoy.

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bero231 says:

You talk like you full mouth of water. Can’t understand shit with that ugly
British accent.

Joshua Uy says:

Get beats their worth it

DoodleBot Dislate says:

buy beats mixers

lovertarantulas says:

DJ don’t know how to wear a headphone?

DJPon3VinylS says:

Hahaha, I saw this vid and thought, wait, what? Why is there a tutorial for
this? Am I missing something? Aaand then it was like, nope, headphones,
don’t wear them like an idiot.

TheNimajaneb says:

even if you’re a gamer you’ll still benefit from a good pair of headphones.

xxsteviexx1000 says:

im not a dj im a gamer but i just clicked on this because razor electra
headset is uncomfortble as FUCK!

Chris Deit says:

Stupid, but well explainmed, thanks


People asked, we explained.

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