Best DJ Headphone 2014 Edition! Pro DJ Group Review!

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I would say 80% of the DJs out there use one of these 6 headphones. Any of these would be a great addition to your headphone collection but which one is the best?

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T. Summitcloud says:

Heh, this was posted on my birthday.
Could I ask for a review of the Monster N-Pulse headphones? or are those
generally shitty? I’ve heard both good and bad stuff about them.

Jesse Fletcher says:

Hey Ravine i cant afford a pair of V Moda M100s but was wondering if the
Crossfades were still kinda close to the level that the M100s are on or
would some HD25s be the go because i’d use them for both dj’ing and
producing, cheers

rawanimo says:

Hmmm..I liked this video.

But, sadly…. The #1 burn-in and dj headphones, in my opinion, would be
the realistic nova 20’s.

Powerful base with decent clarity, but legendary mids. The mids make the
headphones sound very intense.

Definetly on par with my old HD 600’s

(If that was their name lol)

S3DWU7 says:

“ah did das” is the way he pronounced adidas xD

Kevin Chan says:

Disappointed, I’m surprised that the new Sennheiser DJ line isn’t in this
which consist of the Sennheiser HD8 DJ which are amazing.

Hoa Vuong says:

what do you think about the sennheiser amperior i heard they sound better
than the hd-25 

CodiTC says:

“Burning in” your headphones is a myth! I am disappointed in you Ravine,
you of all people should know that’s not a real thing.

Also, you didn’t really review very many things about the headphones
themselves, granted you were only reviewing three different things about

TheMirageMovement says:

Perhaps do reviews for studio headphones? :D

Dodo Grunt says:

Man, the HD25s are awesome, got them after the first review. Only reason I
wouldn’t go for Vmoda is the design and price. After getting the 35s, I’m
basically broke. 🙁
Maybe a review on the DJE 2000 will help me in finding the perfect in ear
monitors for days I fix my hair. 😀

LoL4u says:

no beats pro? why? this isnt ”pro dj headphones review” then

GlasGaming says:


Fr0zky says:

What the best headphones for bass ? Dubstep, Trapstep etc ?

Red Menace says:

A couple of these brands where never really marketed towards DJ’s, but
marketed at kids who just wanted to impress their buddies. BEATS by Dre are
great, but just a trend, brands like DENON are the best.

Stian Andersen says:

i think beats mixr and vmoda are best write youre opinion

drifter1998best says:

What are the best headphones for hardstyle?

MrmappyINOF™ says:

I think Tiësto uses the vmoda headphones

DjRavine says:
LM Graphic Design says:

I got the Mixrs I love them! The bass is great for beat matching too! 

Ben Bunker says:


Naseem Baramki-Azar says:

v moda can daisy chain right? what exactly does that mean?

DJDoutOfficial says:

I am an amateur DJ from Finland and I use the Shure SRH440 headphones. I
have never once have been at the clubs or the like and must ask the
question: shall I buy a better headphones?(google translate ftw)

Matt J.I says:

the v-moda m100 hurt my ears real bad, after an hour of listening my ears
became bright red.

Richard Wampler says:

actually watched the last review and decided to buy sennheiser got on their
site and ordered the HD8 DJ after looking at like all of their headphones
and gotta say they are absolutely the best I’ve owned so far sound amazing
comfy and very sturdy you should think about getting a pair just saying lol
like you said since you got those other ones they been surgically attached
to you at the ear thats how these HD8 DJ’s are on me i have every one of
your mixes and listen to you and cotta non stop and these headphones make
it so bad to the A i had been looking for a new pair for a while and didn’t
even know sennheiser existed thanks for the info and keep the great music
coming man been listening to you since your first happy hardcore mix
looking forward to more 

稲本 says:

Everything sounds better than Anal beads

jruins99 says:

Technica ATH-M50??????????

NEGUAX says:

Audio-teqhnuiqa feels left out, call them

stevied2k10 says:

I say ah de das too (north eaat england)

cahandar celilzade says:

l’m going to buy beats mixr

123fizzers says:

Are Gaming Headsets good for DJs like the “Roccat kave xtd 5.1″

_TRIVAGE_ says:

Thxs Revine u helped me make my decision for a DJ headphone and its the v
moda m100 and keep up the videos because love ur mixes so so much. ps burn
the beat mixes

Michael Gasca says:

Dj Ravine it would be cool if you did a review of the street by 50 pro dj
headsets & the new beats by Dr. Dre studio headsets I wanna see review of
theses headsets 

Amanda Rose says:

Tip: Had 3 pairs of AiAiAi TMA-1 headphones. Each headband snapped on me.
AiAiAi was kind enough to replace first two with new pair. 3rd time it
happened I asked for a refund. Im now shopping for new pair. Thanks for
this review = Useful!

dj red hare aus says:

budget dj headphone review ?

Tan Trinh says:

Where can you get the V-Moda m-100 in Australia? I have searched around but
no one sells em :)

Samu Pähti says:

Could you please do a review of pioneer ddj wego 3, that would be awesome!

Rafi Brown says:

Hey ravine, have you tried using any bose headphones?
The QC15 I’m referring to. I tried them on a few times but have never got
around to buying them. Do you reckon it’s worth the money for its noise
cancellation, sound clarity and comfort? And do you think it’s good for
Would hope to hear your opinion on this one. :)

jordy velthuizen says:

+DjRavine you didn’t got your hands on the philips a5 pro headphone that
armin van buuren uses i would like to know how they sound there quite new.

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