Best DJ Headphone? Group review!

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What is the best DJ headphone? Let’s find out!
Yeah this video is really long and probably kinda boring but I wanted to get it out of the way. More mixes coming up soon!

Ravine & Friends Club Night


Povilas Sereika says:

beats best


Ok so I’m pissed. I have a pair of HDJ-1500s and the “side cap” broke for
the third time. I’m seriously fuckin pissed and don’t want to put more
money into them. Are the 2000s any better? Like less plastic on the
2000s??? Pioneer is a good brand but this is fuckin bull shit. Help me out

rossybossi says:

Beyerdynamic DT-990??

Ross Lynch says:

I have a choice of Beats By Dr. Dre Solos HD or Pioneers which should i

Victor Storms says:

yo my man, it would be helpful if you just put how much money would you
invest in those headphones, cuz people like me who are just tired of
regular crapy headphones who wanna buy dj headphones cuz of quality will
find trouble when trying to buy stuff in the correct price and dont get

Samuel Bevill says:

I actually have the classic Sony headphones haha. but I also own the beats
MIXRS by david guetta and I love them.

x XPixelMoneyX x says:

beats pro?

Anthony Aldrete says:

Do you dont know that the V-moda m 100 are the num. #1 for dj? O.o and you
consider one

Epona Anon says:

Technics RPDH1250 anyone?????

avalanche says:

beats are garbage, fucken little kids think they are cool with shitty beats

Симић Његош says:

this video is just wonderful

X says:

What about Audio Technica M50s?

SoMiracleAV1 says:

I got an Afterglow headset. Is that any good for DJing?

Unwiselitle Mac says:

What a show off

Eufeion says:

I actually use the HD 25 for production, ave done for years. BUT this is
due to my slight hearing problem

ZekeMagnum says:

So DJs have so much SWAG that they aren’t able to wear headphones like
normal people, but they have to be with the headrest on the back? 

nik johnson says:

Actually they blindfolded DEADMAU5 and gave him a pair of beats mixrs and a
pair of sennheisers (not sure which ones they were) and played him one of
his songs…he said that the mixrs were better. i own both pairs and agree
the mixrs are better.

GlasGaming says:

how the fuck you no include beats by dre mixr

Arvin Peopleinlove says:

Sound quality doesn’t matter ? 😀 Such a joke 😀

I tried tons of different headphones and the technics rpdh 1200 makes life
super easy to mix, so yes sound quality/definition matters a lot.

Also bass heavy headphones don’t provide the best accuracy 🙂 High
frequencies are what allows for a tight precise beatmatching.

Konrad Brennan says:

Can anyone recommend me a set of headphones?

My primary uses will be mixing and listening both in and outside of the
I love electronic based music as well as hip hop.
I would choose sound quality over design although this is also important.
I have owned a pair of beats and am not looking to buy another.

Hello Chris says:

the new ones are really good you need to try them

charnk says:

Wow you have quite a collection of cheap shitty headphones.

bananachicken sandwich says:

i use AKG,but you should try skull candy.

LousySoup says:



Oh…but then I watched the video

Beats suck, well………………………………..this was made before
the solo 2’s were released NO I DON’T LIKE BEATS I HATE EM I’M NOT

NerdishAzn says:

You should check out the Sennheiser DJ HD8 headphones.

SuperYoto123 says:

U need to try MDR-X05

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

Get some Beyerdynamic in this shit!

Gabriel Otero says:

Pioneer HDJ-2000 or V-Moda M100?

Timiosgamer says:

I have beats by dr dre

Thinking says:

Saw 1 min and 46 sec…and I can say you arent afraid of saying BS at


I have a AKG K 171 Studio since 2008 and in my opinion is the best
headphone a dj can have. simply fantastic.


Very helpful thanx.

julio chavez says:

Beats is the best no question ask 

Alex Mahasiah says:

what do you think about the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Headphones?

Jackson Copeland says:

v-moda m-100

arife dj says:

Hey DjRavine ! You need to check out the Urbanears Zinken! They are
amazing! I have these and the beats mixrs and I need to say that these are
better than the beats mixrs!

TEEQ (StarkDzn) says:

give me a headphones ??? i from japan 

Reece Van-Aston Kerrigan says:

what are the headphones called when the ear parts meet in the middle

ImaginaryThree says:

Coone uses beats by dr. dre :P

natasha Penlington says:

The AKG’s are amazing!
I use these for any studio work, they’re amazing in a small studio
environment. 🙂 

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